Real Life Easter Eggs: Hidden Packaging Messages

The business of producing goods is a serious pursuit, with things like cash flow, capital, assets, accounting… It’s extremely important yet also quite boring. So when a company takes the time to have a little fun and spread joy to their customers, they should be appreciated. Scroll down to see some of the funniest real life easters eggs that have been found on packaging!

Real life Easter egg: hidden packaging message.

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Turkey Helmet Cover Will Make You Really Stand Out

This turkey motorcycle helmet cover is your ticket to de-escalating any road rage incident you may encounter on the road. It’s designed to fit most full-face helmets and will improve the mood of anyone you pass by on the road. We are not expecting too much from this cover in terms of aerodynamic efficiency and improving fuel efficiency, but what it loses on these metrics, it more than makes up for in the styles department.

Turkey helmet cover.

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Dark Humor Art Animations by Kajetan Obarski

Kajetan Obarski is an Amsterdam-based animator who specialises in turning artistic masterpieces into spectacularly surreal dark humor animations. In his own words “I just collect objects, paintings, pictures from the public domain and then I create animations. I do my own photos and my own digital works for animations too.” As you can see, the result is glorious:

Dark humor art animation.

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Chicken Lamp With a Shining Egg In Its Butt

Is this art? Is this actually useful? Is this something that belongs in a dumpster? That’s for you to decide. Introducing the Chicken Lamp, the egg-citing new addition to your poultry-themed decor! This lamp looks like a chicken, complete with feathery details and a shiny, egg-shaped bulb in its butt. This has to be the next best thing after an actual taxidermy chicken with the same lightbulb butt feature.

Chicken lamp.

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Sad Dads Who Took Their Daughters To a Concert

Just look at these poor wretched souls. You can see the pain in their eyes. They look very out of place. You can’t help but feel bad for these sad dads. But that’s what makes dads wonderful: their tenacity and ability to endure terrible horrors for their children. Band tour organizers should create a soundproof room with a bar at the place for the parents who took their kids to the concert.

Sad dad who was forced to take his daughter to a concert.

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