Funny Airport Signs That People Had The Guts To Hold

Waiting to pick up someone at the airport may be boring. There is, however, a great way to make the welcome back a much better experience for everyone involved: with funny airport signs. We have collected some of the most unforgettable airport greeting signs that were definitely noticed by everyone in the arrivals hall to give you some inspiration for greeting your family and friends.

Funny airport sign.

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Apple Unveils Vision Pro, People Go Wild With Memes

Apple has recently revealed a new device at a not-so-friendly price point of $3,499. Known as Apple Vision Pro, it is an augmented-reality headset that allows users to blend the digital and real world. With the help of a 3D user interface controlled by the user’s eyes, voice, and hands, they can see and interact with digital content as if it was in their physical space. It’s expected to begin retailing in early 2024, but people have already started creating memes, making fun of its’ huge price and resemblance to a Black Mirror episode about dystopian future. Scroll down to see the funniest examples!

After buying the Apple Vision Pro

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Box of Nothing: For Someone Who Wants Nothing For Birthday

Does your significant other always tells you they want nothing for their birthday? Do you find yourself feeling frustrated and aimless when shopping for the perfect gift for them? End your misery with the box of nothing – the perfect gift for anyone who always says they don’t want anything! This box is filled to the brim with empty air that’s put on a fluffy bed of white cotton filling – a really sincere, thoughtful present.

Box of nothing!

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Maternity Photos Parody by Men With Beer Bellies

Is there anything more beautiful than an expecting mothe… father? It’s time to break some old stereotypes and embrace the beauty of impending fatherhood by celebrating the beer belly with maternity photos parody gallery! These photoshoots capture all the classic poses we’ve come to love, but with a funny twist. It’s not just about the belly though; the attire is just as important… and they nailed it. Scroll down to see for yourself!

Maternity photos parody.

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Funny Dating Memes To Brighten You Day

These dating memes were created to celebrate the hilariously unpredictable rollercoaster that is finding your significant other. And to serve as a reminder to those who are not single that you should feel glad that you don’t have to deal with all this nonsense. Warning: this post is full of terrible puns and dad jokes.

Funny dating meme.

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