The Full List of Affordable Doctors In America

The United States has one of the highest costs of healthcare in the world. US healthcare system is complex and most costs are market driven. High, unregulated prescription drug costs and healthcare providers’ salaries rank higher than in other western nations. Administrative regulations regarding billing and coding also add to an individual’s cost. That’s why we decided to compile a list of affordable doctors in America. Scroll down and choose your doctor!

The only affordable doctor in America.

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Indian Hills Community In Colorado Has The Funniest Signs

Indian Hills Community in Colorado enjoys a good laugh with their ever-changing and ever-punny signs. Local community center volunteer Vince Rozmiarek is the one to blame, because he’s the one behind all the brilliant puns featured below. For many years he has been posting brilliant dad jokes on the outdoor message board. He volunteers at the center and manages the roadside sign that stands along the only highway in the town of about 1,000 people. You’d think that with such a remote location and small audience, his play-on-words would go largely unnoticed; but with the help of social media, Rozmiarek’s platform has made folks across the world appreciate his sense of humor.

Indian Hills Community sign pun.

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Funny Responses People Had To The New Black Ariel

You’ve probably heard that there’s going to be a live-action remake of “The Little Mermaid”. Not all of the interest is positive and most of the reactions to the film so far have targeted lead actress Halle Bailey, who is black, for playing Ariel. Many people are deeply offended by this, but there’s no reason Ariel couldn’t be black. There’s no historical accuracy to live up to here. Ariel is a fish person. Mermaids do not actually exist. Some people just need to chill and stop being racist.

People are mad that The Little Mermaid is Black? The lady who is also a fish? Who lives under the sea? Whose best friend is a talking crab?

"elves cant be black" "ariel cant be black" bro wtf is this

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Funny Stuff From Our Friends

Album Covers That Tried To Be Sexy, But Failed – Do they ooze charisma and pure sex? No. Are they major? No. But they are pretty damn hilarious!

Amazing Little Known Science Facts – A brilliant less-than-factual guide to the amazing world we all live in. Completely untrue. Very funny.

Goths In Ungothly Places (Short Videos) – Goth metal band “2 Shadows” have a sense of humor about their style. If you poke around their TikTok channel, you’ll find a series of “Goths in Ungothly Places” videos that show the band’s members reluctantly enjoying things like a day in the park, going to the amusement park, and working in a wood shop.

Famous Modern Logos Turned Medieval – Modern logos often have hidden meanings and clever designs, but what if they were around during the middle ages?

20 Hiking Memes That Are Just Too True – If you like to go hiking or are considering to start doing it as a hoppy, you may want to take a look at these.

Drunk Man vs. Hula Hoop – Who would have thought that getting totally shitfaced and playing with hula hoop could go horribly wrong?

Wholesome Photos That Feel Like a Warm Blanket – If 2022 makes you feel depressed (it probably does), this gallery will surely help.

What Dead Celebrities Might Look Like Alive Today? – AI generated pictures of what departed celebrities would look should they be alive still today.

The 6 Funniest Cat Videos of All Time – You have to admit there isn’t anything much better in life than a funny cat video.

Top 20 Wholesome Memes – The sweetest, softest, loveliest most wholesome memes out there to improve your mood today.

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Sea Slugs That Look Like David Bowie

You sometimes have to wonder how people come up with random wacky ideas like this Tumblr account that compares pictures of sea slugs to David Bowie. What would these two possibly have in common? But once you start actually looking at the images the answer becomes obvious. We have been blind this whole time! Sea slugs are actually taking their ideas from David Bowie’s outfits!

Sea slog that looks like David Bowie.

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Funny Tweets About MLMs And Pyramid Schemes

It’s no secret that multilevel marketing companies (MLMs) have destroyed people’s relationships and left many in financial ruin. MLMs often employ cult-like tactics to recruit and motivate participants. Still, it seems like everyone has at least a few high school acquaintances hawking dietary supplements, essential oils or leggings on social media. Luckily, these Twitter users have found humor in the nightmare of what many describe as pyramid schemes. We won’t say that MLMs and pyramid schemes are the same, because we don’t want to be sued by boss babes, however…

No matter how rough things get I remind myself I could be trapped in a pyramid scheme convinced I’m a business owner.

If you say I need to lose weight in the mirror three times, a high-school acquaintance appears and tries to rope you into their pyramid scheme.

A girl selling Arbonne messaged me her number asking me to join her team & the next day a girl selling Monat did the same thing, so I gave her Arbonne girl’s number. Feel like I just opened a pyramid scheme black hole. A “hey girl!” vortex

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Miserable Men Trapped In The Shopping Hell

If you’ve ever been married or in a serious relationship, you know the drill. They bring you shopping, saying they just have to get “that one thing”, only to leave you to wait for hours on end while holding all their things. This Instagram account is a tribute to those wretched souls who are stuck in the shopping hell. Scroll down to see the most horrifying examples!

Miserable man trapped in shopping hell.

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Brain Fart Moments Where People Failed To Remember a Basic Word

We’ve all been there. You’re in the middle of a conversation or a presentation and suddenly your mind goes blank. What was that basic word, the one that I really really should know? Your panicked reaction to this untimely brain fart only makes things worse, as your mind desperately scrabbles for an alternative… and that’s how comedy is born. Scroll down to see the funniest examples!

Hello my name is Paul, I have a PhD in physics and thanks to a random brain freeze forgot the word for photon so had to call it a “shiny crumb” in front of my colleagues

One of my cleverest and most fabulous friends at university (now PhD in neuroscience) once forgot the word for what she wanted in a restaurant and tried to explain with “like a really REALLY wet salad”. Soup. She wanted soup.

One of the guys I used to work with forgot the name for a tape measure - called it a "how far machine" - it's passed into everyday vocabulary now!

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The World’s Greatest Gallery of Seductive Radishes

Daikon radish is… It’s just what you think it is: a sexy Japanese radish that poses crossing its legs in a seductive manner. Obviously, we had to put together a gallery that features the hottest examples. This kind of high-quality relevant content is exactly the reason why Al Gore invented the internet in 1982. Scroll down to see the greatest collection of seductive radishes in the world!

Seductive radish.

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Cats Stealing Food In Still Life Paintings

Are you looking for a new hobby? Maybe you should join us in looking for cats who are stealing food in still life paintings (one of our favorite sub-genres of art). It’s so wonderfully disrespectful! So here’s a gallery celebrating the need for snacks triumphing over art. The name of the painting, name of the artist, and year are all listed under the paintings.

Still Life With a Cat by Alexandre-François Desportes, 1705
Still Life With a Cat by Alexandre-François Desportes, 1705

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The Funniest Tweets About Flat Earth Believers

Yes, we have unlocked many secrets of the universe, including the real shape of our planet. In fact, we have known it for centuries. Despite overwhelming scientific proof, flat-earthers are out there spreading their not so level ideas. Some have even gone so far as to create an official organization known as the Flat Earth Society that’s full of members who are discussing the wackiest conspiracy theories the main being that NASA is hiding from us the real shape of Earth to get more money from the government. Makes perfect sense, right? Anyways, we collected some of the funniest memes and comments about the insane flat Earth theory, so scroll down and have a laugh!

Crazy how nature does that.

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