These weird folks are also know as “People of Walmart” or “Walmartians”. Scroll down to explore the amazing world of Walmart visitor awkwardness.

Only in Walmart...


People of Walmart.

The things you see in Walmart...

People of Walmart.

Only in Walmart...

People of Walmart.

Sleepy time in Walmart.

People of Walmart.

FUNeral car near Walmart.

People of Walmart.

Only in Walmart...

The things you see in Walmart...

People of Walmart.

People of Walmart...

Top noch parenting in Walmart.

People of Walmart.

Only in Walmart. Wow!

People of Walmart.

Only in Walmart...

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  1. Anonymous November 13, 2018

    OMG i am so glad im canadian !!!

  2. Anonymous December 6, 2018

    But you do have Trudeau as your national embarrassment

  3. Anonymous January 4, 2019

    Rather Trudeau than Trump – your move USA!

  4. Anonymous January 14, 2019

    I’m a Canadian living in the us…back up off my prime minister Trudeau….just back the hell up…I’m just here for the warm weather….!!!

  5. Anonymous January 15, 2019

    Yesterday was my birthday

  6. Anonymous January 31, 2019

    Trudeau is just as embarassing as the Donald, but Donald wants a wall, Trudeau wants a pipeline to the West Coast

  7. Anonymous February 19, 2019

    Happy birthday anonymous!

  8. Anonymous March 14, 2019

    Yeah, there are only 400+ Walmarts in Canada ffs!

  9. Anonymous March 15, 2019

    Now I cannot unsee these things. Thanks Sad and Useless!!!

  10. Anonymous March 15, 2019

    And I’ve never seen any of these things at any Canadian Walmart. Rural Americans are special.

  11. Anonymous March 15, 2019

    Definitely Trump Voters…

  12. Laura March 15, 2019

    Thankfully Wal-Mart is not in Australia

  13. Anonymous March 15, 2019

    But when my Australian friends come to visit, they always want to go there. It CAN be entertaining if you look for the humor πŸ‘€.

  14. Anonymous March 15, 2019

    Make America great again?? Trumpers??😱 πŸ’‰πŸ’ŠπŸš¬

  15. Anonymous March 15, 2019

    Much better to have Trump! Canada should be so lucky

  16. LB March 15, 2019

    These pro-Trump comments are the verbal equivalent of the above photos. Sure – Australia has a shit leader, too. Difference is we are aware of the fact and about to kick his bigoted ass to the ground. Your precious Trump is a Nazi-lover – literally. It’s quite possible that if your precious Twitler was never born, there would be 41 innocent New Zealanders still alive. Shame on you. Wake the HELL up!

  17. Anonymous March 16, 2019

    I go to 4 different Walmarts in my area and thank God i never seen people like this .

  18. Jake March 16, 2019

    What’s sad is people finding “entertainment” in ridiculing and making fun of other people. We’re all wierd to someone. Maybe some compassion for these people rather than shaming them. Don’t we have enough problems with people in power trying to turn us against each other?!? Be Kind!

  19. Anonymous March 16, 2019

    JAKE, this is SAD AND USELESS HUMOR .. and that jerks ask for it .. dressing like clowns , going out in their underwear , or some stupid costume – of course someone will laugh on them .
    Total lack of education, sense of decency , human value , stile .. dumb and ignorant people

  20. Anonymous March 16, 2019

    I myself have not seen ridiculousness at the Walmart I’ve been too. but my daughter said they were in a Southern State and said, “you know those Walmart posts on FB? that is exactly what we saw in our travels.

  21. Anonymous March 18, 2019

    I’m old. I remembered not so long ago when Americans were the most gorgeous people. You cannot tell me that all this disgusting fat and ignorance isn’t in the water. Or a vaccine!! Lol Mortifying.

  22. Anonymous March 19, 2019

    It is embarrassing to admit one has looked at these posts, BUT seems a lot of us can’t help it–it is so mind-boggling. Thing is though, I really have trouble believing they are for real and not staged or photo shopped or SOMETHING! I have been shopping in Walmart for 50+ years and have NEVER seen anything like this. Been to Walmart in many states and NEVER seen anything like these horrendous photos. If they are real there HAS to be some mental problem involved with most of them. Yah, not everyone looks like they just stepped out of a fashion magazine, but views like this are just NOT normally (or in my case) ever seen. Comment from TX.

  23. Anonymous March 20, 2019

    Reply to the poster from TX, above. I’ve lived in several states including Texas. You may not see this on every trip to Walmart but it is seen too frequent and I saw it more often in the Dallas/Fort Worth area than anywhere I lived or traveled. Southern states seem to me to have the weirdest Walmartians.

  24. Doesn’t Shop At Walmart March 28, 2019

    Thank you. Now I know that back-boobs and butt-wings are things.

  25. HipHopAnonymous April 22, 2019

    This website always makes me feel better about myself.

  26. Anonymous July 30, 2019

    Yes Sir, so are they.

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