1986 Calendar Featuring Morris The Cat

Long before internet memes, there was Morris The Cat, the advertising mascot for 9Lives brand cat food, appearing on its packaging and in many of its TV commercials since the 1970s. This particular appearance was on a 1986 calendar titled “Morris, A Cat For Our Times” that featured several pieces of then modern technology.

Morris The Cat from the 1986 calendar.

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Top 25 Popular American Breakfast Recipes

Whether you prefer sweet or savory, we have all the best classic American breakfast recipes listed here – from fluffy pancakes to scrambled eggs, from AR-15 to Glock 43. Scroll down and enjoy these photos of patriotic beautiful dishes and use them as an inspiration!

Typical American breakfast.

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Sports & Art Brilliantly Matched by This Instagram Account

Instagram account @ArtButMakeItSports really deserves more followers. The idea behind it is to find matching artwork and sports moment. It’s all done without the help of AI. In creator’s own words: “Unfortunately, the art world doesn’t intersect with the sports world as often as I’d like. But when it does, it can be beautiful, and I aim to help amplify the message.”

Sports vs. art.

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How Vets Deal With Angry Cats? They Make Purritos (Cat Burritos)!

What happens when an extremely hostile cat has to got to a vet? How does the poor pet doctor survive? Here’s the recipe: take a cat and wrap it into a towel to make a cute burrito. Now you can combine two of your favorite things (cats & burritos) together into one glorious creation! …With an added bonus that purritos can’t scratch your eyes out.

Purrito: cat wrapped like burrito.

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“You’re So Beaut-OHGOD!” Funny Before-And-After Pictures

You can’t trust social media. Instagram and reality are two completely different things. In a time when online fakery are off the charts, we invite you to check out Pretty Girls Ugly Faces community on Reddit where women with a great sense of humor share before and after photos of themselves that poke fun at the well-curated and polished side of social media. Scroll down to enjoy these hilariously gruesome ladies who can turn from ugly to pretty and vice versa in a split second!

Yes, that's the same person.

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Annoyed Wedding Girl Meme

When we found this wedding photo on Reddit, it immediately became obvious that it’s a prime meme material. It’s kind of a bastard child of “Sad Wolverine Seeing Jean Grey and Cyclops Kiss” and “Distracted Boyfriend” memes that you have probably seen before. Please do contribute and add your version in the comments below.

My diet.

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Weird Instagram Trend: Babies With Makeup Eyebrows

So we have been noticing an increasing number of parents taking to Instagram to share their baby brow-work with the world. With a flick of an eyeliner pencil across their brow, a baby can be transformed in an instant into an evil genius, a budding fashion starlet, or a protegé of Charlie Chaplin. We’re pretty sure that the main reason behind this weird trend is that parents of little kids are slowly going crazy from all the babysitting and zero social or work life. It’s either this or a mental institution.

Babies with makeup eyebrows? Brilliant idea!

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American Tourists Being Oblivious That They’re Foreigners

Stand-up comedian Ginny Hogan, from the US, started up a massively viral Twitter thread about oblivious American tourists after sharing a photo from the airport that stressed to Americans that, yes, they are considered foreigners abroad. Scroll down to see how Twitter users reacted to the photo and the types of experiences that they had with American tourists! Judging by how mush traction this Twitter tread created, people really love to make fun of Americans.

It’s funny to me that they’ve decided Americans are the only ones who might not realize they’re foreigners

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There’s a Reason Why Pandas Are Endangered

You may think that humans are the only ones to blame that pandas are endangered, but they’re actually working hard to make themselves extinct, too. While looking at the pictures below, only one thought comes to mind: “It’s a miracle how pandas have lasted this long.”

Funny panda fail.

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