1950s Dayalets’ Hellish Vitamin Mascots Intended To Promote a Healthy Diet

Nothing really can prepare you for what you are about to see. As you can gather from the title, Dayalets were popular vitamins back in the 1950s, but they were also so much more: they were glimpses into the hideous, ironic permutations that awaits people who have inaccurate vitamin consumption habits. And keep in mind these are designed to hang in doctor’s offices and make patients WANT Dayalets. Most people would want something else, like an exorcism.

1950s Dayalets' hellish vitamin mascot.

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Artist Recreates Famous Paintings With Her Dog

Many of the greatest art pieces in the history of art were in some form influenced by another amazing art piece, while that other art piece was influenced by yet another. You get the point: art influences art, great art creates more great art. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, consider these famous paintings very flattered, for even to this day, they keep having an influence over new artists such as Eliza Reinhardt who recreates famous paintings with her dog Finn.

Painting recreated with a dog.

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Horrible Haircut Fails

What should these poor souls do? Hide the mirrors, get out their hats, things are going to be difficult for a while! Especially after their horrible haircut fails being featured in this gallery. There must be a pretty good story behind each of these crimes against hair: while the pandemic was a notorious era for DIY haircuts gone wrong, maybe it was an unfortunate blunder years decision, or their usual hairstylist going on vacation. Either way we’d rather have a good laugh at it.

Horrible haircut fail.

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This Walking Sleeping Bag Onesie Lets You Run Away From Bears

There are two kinds of people in this world, there are those that love camping and sleeping on the ground or in a tent, and there are those that just hate it. Those that hate camping should stop reading this post and check out bean bag onesie instead. But for those willing to stick it out on the ground, perhaps it’s time to invest in a sleeping bag with legs that will greatly increase your survival chances when the inevitable bear attack occurs. The sleeping bag onesie essentially lets you wear your sleeping bag like it’s a piece of clothing, with leg and arm pieces.

Sleeping bag onesie.

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Ridiculously Unphotogenic Birds

Birds are such majestic creatures! We love to hear them chirp from the treetops and watch them soar through the sky… But some birds aren’t so beautiful… Actually, they’re ridiculously unphotogenic and should avoid photo camera at all costs. We’ve compiled a gallery of crap bird photography, so scroll down and enjoy!

Ridiculously unphotogenic bird.

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Cursed Cakes From “Cakes With Threatening Auras” Twitter Account

They say that a picture’s worth a thousand words. Well, some cakes are worth a thousand nightmares. These baked goods collected by Cakes With Threatening Auras Twitter account look so cursed, you might want to consider washing your screen with holy water afterward. Scroll down, to see the most nightmare-inducing examples, and let us know in the comments what the worst cake you’ve ever seen in your life was.

Cursed cake.

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Pets Don’t Care About Your Personal Space

You see, sometimes it happens that dogs and cats forget their humans have personal space. They’d be glued to you forever, if it was up to them. Both totally wholesome and slightly annoying, these incidents happen more often than you think. In this post we selected some of the funniest pictures of cats and dogs shamelessly disrespecting their owner’s private space as if they had none to begin with.

Pets don't care about your personal space.

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“I Pee In Pools” Hat

The “I Pee In Pools” hat is the must-have fashion accessory for the summer season. It comes with the attention-grabbing message in big bold red letters to ensure no one misses it. Just sit back and bask in the admiration of your peers as you rock this classic trucker style cap! Be proud of your pool peeing addiction, just like people featured in this gallery!

I pee in pools.

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This Guy Made Neighborhood Laugh With Creative Fence Windows For Dogs

People are coming up with all kinds of creative ideas to keep themselves busy. Brian Stanley, for example, came up with this fun project to entertain himself, his kids, his dogs, and even his whole neighborhood. His dogs’ names are Ripley and Burger King and they have a fun hobby of staring at people through a hole in their fence. So Brian decided to create pop culture cardboard posters around the cutout so that when his dogs poked their heads through the fence, the images would come to life and brighten up the neighborhood.

Funny dog fence window art.

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