Low Resolution Cats Behind Pixelated Glass Doors

Watching a cat through a pixelated glass door shouldn’t be funny, but for some reason, these photos are hilarious. Some of you probably remember the old days of gaming when 8-bit graphics were all the rage. These cats look like they just stepped out of an old video game. What better way to immerse yourself into retro gaming nostalgia than looking at pixelated cats?

Pixelated cat looking through the glass door.

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Auto Mechanics Recreate Renaissance Paintings

Photographer Freddy Fabris had always wanted to pay homage to the Renaissance masters with his photos in some way, but he wasn’t sure how until he stumbled upon an auto-mechanic shop in the Midwest. In his own words: “Translating painting into portrait photography was a challenge I looked forward to. I wanted to respect the look and feel of the original oil paintings, but needed to come up with a conceptual photo idea that would create a new layer to the original”. This led to a brilliant series of funny portraits with auto mechanics that you can see here.

Renaissance auto mechanics by Freddy Fabris.

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The Funniest Single-Panel Comics by Tommy Siegel (Part 2)

You probably remember illustrator Tommy Siegel from Part 1 of his single-panel comics, but he also draws funny and clever cartoons featuring candy hearts that resonate very well with people because they show our honest feelings which we might be scared to openly share with others. A lot of us would probably agree that we’ve had some of these thoughts running through our minds at least once or twice in our lives. He even has published a book Candy Hearts which you can order on Amazon. Scroll down to see some of our favorites!

It's funny because it's true.

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The Funniest Single-Panel Comics by Asher Perlman (Part 2)

With a stroke of the pen and a dash of wit, Asher Perlman crafts miniature worlds that invite us to chuckle and occasionally dissolve into fits of laughter. Since he has created so many hilarious cartoons, we couldn’t stop at just one gallery of our favorites, so here’s the second part. Scroll down at let us know in the comments below which artist we should feature on this site next!

Funny cartoon by Asher Perlman.

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Cat Godzillas: Giant Cats In Cities by Fransdita Muafidin

Indonesian artist Fransdita Muafidin has created a series of photoshopped pictures of giant cats in urban landscapes from around the world. These huge cats are big enough to give Godzilla a scare, but here they are captured doing very feline things, like climbing and napping, oblivious to the chaos they are causing. If you wish to spend the next year looking at these magnificent creatures, check out 2024 Catzilla calendar on Amazon!

Catzilla: cat Godzilla.

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The Funniest Single-Panel Comics by Scott Hilburn

Scott Hilburn’s work has been featured in LA Times, Washington Post, NY Daily News, Chicago Tribune, Dallas Morning News, and many more newspapers. Sometimes just one panel is more than enough to convey the idea you had in mind. He proves exactly that with his single-panel comics. Scroll down to see some of our favorites and don’t forget to check out Scott’s books on Amazon!

Cartoon by Scott Hilburn.

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Hilariously Weird Gallery of Sharks With Human Teeth

Have you ever seen sharks with human teeth? Probably not. Thanks to the amazing powers of Photoshop, now you finally can! Has photoshopping gone too far this time? Is it time to stop? The answer is NO! NEVER! P.S. Please share this gallery with your coworkers so they’ll know that you waste your time at work by looking at absolutely pointless stuff and should probably be fired.

Shark with human teeth.

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The Funniest Single-Panel Comics by Mark Parisi

Mark Parisi is the award-winning cartoonist from Massachusetts, USA. He is best known for the long-running comics series “Off The Mark”. These comics are filled with light-hearted humor and clever observations that will surely make you smile. In his own words: “I’ve wanted to cartoon since I could hold a crayon. I was inspired by Charles Schulz and MAD Magazine, but it wasn’t until Gary Larson came along that I realized the type of comics I should be doing. Now I’m inspired by everything that happens in life, from pets to pop culture to pandemics.” Scroll down to check out some of our favorites and don’t forget to check out Mark’s books and calendars on Amazon!

Funny cartoon by Mark Parisi.

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Totally Pointless Gallery: Cats On Synthesizers In Space

If you enjoy wasting your time looking at completely pointless stuff, you will love this gallery of cats on synthesizers in space. It’s a mashup that’s so mesmerizingly absurd, it makes you wonder why are you so drawn to looking at these pics. But what makes it so mesmerizing? Is it the cats’ deadpan expressions as they unintentionally create avant-garde electronic music? Is it the sheer randomness of it all? Or is it the thought that maybe, just maybe, our feline companions are the true maestros of the synthesizer universe? If you have an answer, please let us know in the comments below!

Cat on synthesizer in space.

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The Funniest Single-Panel Comics by Scott Metzger

Scott Metzger is a cartoonist from Northern California who has been cartooning since 1996, which makes him a veteran with decades of practice. Metzger has nailed the portrayal of pets and their ridiculous and very human-like behavior. His endearing sense of humor, lighthearted style and positivity make his work a much-needed antidote to today’s world where we are attacked by so much negativity from social media and news. Scroll down to see some of our favorites and check out Scott Metzger’s books on Amazon for more!

Cartoon by Scott Metzger.

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