Pet Owners Share The Most Ridiculous Reasons They Had To Visit The Vet

There isn’t anything in the world that a good owner wouldn’t do for his beloved pet. So when a health emergency comes up, some of us panic and rush to the vet, which is a completely normal reaction. However, in some cases, what we thought was a major problem turned out to be something completely silly. Scroll down to put a smile on your face, and don’t forget to share your own story in the comments!

Dog had a raspy cough. The vet went right over him, x ray, blood tests and it was all a big mystery. Out of the blue the vet asked me to cough. I coughed...the dog coughed...I coughed again. Turned out the whole family had colds and the dog was trying to fit in.

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Hilariously Mean Farewell Cakes

Happy events in your life must be celebrated properly. Like when stupid, annoying people leave your life for good. What better way to tell your co-worker that you won’t miss him and that you hope he fails in his next job than with a delicious cake?

Hilariously rude farewell cake.

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So Circle Beard Is a Thing Now…

Remember the monkey tail beard we told you about some time ago? If that wasn’t weird enough, now guys have started having a circle beard. The cut involves first growing a beard to meet the hairline and then shaving off all the hair except a circle that stretches from head to chin. We truly live in an amazing time of creativity and self-expression!

Circle beard.

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Creep Out Your Neighborhood With Baby Doll Head Planters!

To be fair, reusing an old doll head is more eco-friendly than buying a new pot. It’s up to you whether or not it’s worth it. For us, we’ll take a larger carbon footprint in exchange for not being menaced by these tiny monstrosities found via #DollPlanters Instagram trend. If you wish to take part in this nightmare-inducing trend, but don’t have a creepy baby doll head laying around, you can purchase these planters from hell from various Etsy stores.

Creepy baby doll head planter.

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Snittens: Mittens Made Specifically To Wipe Your Snot

Remember Shittens we featured some time ago? Well, there’s a new similar product, but this time for your nose. Snittens are winter gloves that are made specifically for wiping your nose while outside on extra cold days. You probably already wipe your nose on your jacket sleeve, so why not just use these extra soft snot absorbing gloves instead. Just don’t go shaking anyone’s hand with them on after using them…

Snittens snot wiping mittens.

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Chinese Zoo Gives Lion Straight Bangs

Photos of a male lion at a Chinese zoo sporting straight bangs went viral online, leaving many wondering how the staff managed to pull off the haircut, yet they claim they didn’t… leaving this mystery unsolved. Maybe the lion did it all by itself?

Lion with straight bangs.

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Middle Finger Key Holder: Brilliant Invention!

This attention-grabbing flipping key holder will all but guarantee that you never leave your keys behind. The moment that you hang your keys on this seemingly inconspicuous key holder, the middle finger shoots straight up. Brilliant, isn’t it? Actually it’s more than just brilliant, it’s pure genius! This just might be the greatest invention since the wheel, electricity, and penicillin!

Middle finger key holder.

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