Bungee Jumping Jesus: Blasphemy Or Funny?

Looking for a unique way to display your faith in a blasphemous and funny way? Look no further than the bungee jumping Jesus wall-mounted cross! This cross is sure to turn heads. And maybe even lead to physical altercation. Made from pine wood, this cross is not only a conversation starter, but also a sturdy addition to any wall. Measuring 5.5 inches in width, 15 inches in height, it’s the perfect size to be noticed without taking up too much space. The Jesus figure itself measures 5.5 inches tall and 4.7 inches wide and is expertly crafted to look like it is actually jumping off the cross.

Bungee jumping Jesus.

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Bike Potassium: Leather Banana Holder For Your Bicycle

Sometimes you just need to have a banana, not right away, but you’re going to want one later. And maybe you also need to go somewhere? Luckily there’s a banana holder that can be attached to your bike! Just insert the banana softly and slowly into the leather bound straps, bike away and enjoy your delicious snack of potassium while on the go or at your final destination!

Banana holder for your bicycle.

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Emotional Support Rubber Chicken Is Here For You

Are you too chicken to be vulnerable? No, you are not. Need a friend? Yes, you do. Going through a rough time? We all do. How about an emotional support rubber chicken? We all need someone to lean on, but when you lean on this 13″ (33 cm) soft vinyl rubber chicken, it squawks its support loudly. It even comes with extra wide empathetic eyes and is wearing a removable nylon vest that designates it as an official emotional support chicken.

Emotional support rubber chicken.

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These Tiny Hands Will Make Your Cat Look Really Judgemental

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if cats had tiny human hands? Your cat would look like he’s really judgemental and is demanding an explanation for your poor life choices. Also… It’s common knowledge that if cats had thumbs, human existence would be deemed obsolete by our feline overlords. Just think about it. If they had fully functional hands, they wouldn’t need us to open cans, doors, and scratch that perfect spot on their backs. Why else do us humans exist? The kitty wars for global domination might soon begin, because you can actually find human hands for your cat on Amazon. Scroll down to check some of the examples and see what we mean!

Tiny human hands for cats.

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Winter 2024 Nose Warmer Fashion Collection

Are you tired of your nose feeling like it’s on an arctic expedition every time winter rolls around? Well, fear not, because these cozy creations are here to rescue your schnoz! Say goodbye to the cold nose problem during winter forever… and do it with style! Introducing the 2024 winter collection from various Etsy crocheting gurus. Scroll down and choose your favorite!

Cat nose warmer.

This cat nose warmer is made by with extreme love and care. Look at how happy this woman looks! She’s obviously enjoying her fashionable and warm nose.

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2024 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Calendar

After a long wait and a fierce but friendly competition, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards has released 2024 calendar of the funniest wildlife photos. They’re so good, they’re bound to make your year brighter. Founded by photographers Paul Joynson-Hicks MBE and Tom Sullam, the competition has been making the entire world laugh since 2015. It focuses on the lighter side of wildlife photography while also promoting conservation. Scroll down to see some of the best examples!

Funny calendar.

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Finally! 2024 “Goats In Trees” Calendar Is Here!

You can call them silly goats if you like, but these groups of goats are actually quite wise. In arid regions like Morocco, nimble goats go where vegetation is plentiful – to treetops. This fun phenomenon makes for great photography… and calendars! And someone has decided to do just that and put together 2024 Goats In Trees Calendar. Scroll down to see the funniest examples!

Goats in trees.

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Octopus Baby Onesie: Unleash The Baby Kraken!

To promote your child’s early childhood development, get started in this Octopus Baby Onesie. These sea dwellers belong to the smartest of animals, after all. It’s available in a one-size-fits-all, it’s made from high-quality sort plush and cotton, and is perfect for Halloween, weekend shenanigans, or Instagram posts that will make you look like a serious and responsible parent.

Octopus onesie for a baby.

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