Spaghetti Fork Drill Bit: Very Manly Kitchen Item

If you’re still using a regular fork to eat spaghetti, you might as well put on a tutu and start dancing around like a ballerina. Real men know that to truly conquer a plate of spaghetti, you need a spaghetti fork drill bit. Not only it takes your manliness to a whole new level, but it also saves time that you can use for other manly activities in your life – such as using a chainsaw to trim your beard, doing push-ups on a bed of nails, or arm-wrestling a gorilla.

Spaghetti fork drill bit.

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Boyfriend Pillow: For Those Lonely Cold Nights

Being single is amazing – you can do what you want whenever you want and enjoy a drama-free life… yet sometimes it gets lonely and you need an arm around your shoulders from time to time. That’s where boyfriend pillow comes in! It’s shaped like a buff man’s upper torso, whichlooks classy and attractive in a handsome t-shirt cover. His strong arm wraps gently around the neck of his partner, creating a feeling of closeness, comfort and intimacy. Who said money can’t buy happiness?

Boyfriend pillow.

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Turkey Helmet Cover Will Make You Really Stand Out

This turkey motorcycle helmet cover is your ticket to de-escalating any road rage incident you may encounter on the road. It’s designed to fit most full-face helmets and will improve the mood of anyone you pass by on the road. We are not expecting too much from this cover in terms of aerodynamic efficiency and improving fuel efficiency, but what it loses on these metrics, it more than makes up for in the styles department.

Turkey helmet cover.

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Chicken Lamp With a Shining Egg In Its Butt

Is this art? Is this actually useful? Is this something that belongs in a dumpster? That’s for you to decide. Introducing the Chicken Lamp, the egg-citing new addition to your poultry-themed decor! This lamp looks like a chicken, complete with feathery details and a shiny, egg-shaped bulb in its butt. This has to be the next best thing after an actual taxidermy chicken with the same lightbulb butt feature.

Chicken lamp.

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Dehydrated Water: The Greatest Invention Ever

This miracle in a can is they key to rehydrating after an intense workout or a long night out. With dehydrated water all you have to do is pop the cap, add water, and BOOM – infinite drinks! One 8oz can makes up to infinite gallons. This product is, of course, gluten free, lactose free, vegan, MSG free, and 100% free of all chemicals except the chemicals in the air the can contains.

Dehydrated water.

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Puking Cat Gravy Boat: The Most Disgusting Kitchen Item Ever

Choosing the right gravy boat is serious business. Sure you could go the traditional route, and select a regular boring gravy boat, but if you’re looking to just get downright weird, this puking cat gravy boat ought to do the trick. Made to look like the gravy is being puked out of the cat’s mouth, this unique sauce server was certainly made for the crazy cat lady out there. After all, what better to show your guests that you are completely unhinged than putting something like this on a dinner table?

Puking cat gravy boat.

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Weird And Funny Nicolas Cage Pillows For True Fans

Gone are the old days when plain, boring pillows were enough to decorate your bed or couch. Nowadays, it’s all about the Nicolas Cage. Yes, you heard that right. Nicolas Cage pillows are taking over the world, and you wouldn’t want to be left behind – that’s why we compiled a list of top 15 greatest Nic Cage pillows! Scroll down and feast your eyes on this otherworldly beauty!

Nicolas Cage rabbit pillow.

Nicolas Cage is one of the greatest actors of all time. Bunnies are one of the cutest creatures of all time. Nicolas Cage bunny pillow mixes his wild charisma with a cuteness of a bunny. It’s the perfect combo.

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Existential Crisis Duck Night Light

It was, in all regards, an average day in duck’s average life when he suddenly asked himself: “Who am I?” Since then, he has given a lot of thought to the purpose of life, wondering if a duck can do something more than just quack and stuff its face with breadcrumbs. Is that’s all there is to life? It’s a feeling many of us can relate to, and it’s probably an origin story behind existential crisis duck night light. It’s a funny lamp with a silicone body which feels soft to the touch and gives out a warm glow which will turn off automatically after 30 minutes so you can drift off peacefully.

Existential crisis duck night light.

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3D Animal Car Window Decals: Fun Way To Ruin Rear Visibility

Have you ever wished that pigs, dogs, cows, etc. started busting out the back of your car window? Are you sick and tired of the great rear visibility your vehicle has? If the answer to these two question is YES!!! then you’ve come to the right place. Andre Valois Shop makes them very realistic, and you can even order a custom decal of your pet. Scroll down to check out the funniest examples!

Funny 3D animal car window decal.

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Rock Climbers Pinch Hold Mug That’s Nearly Impossible To Use

Using a coffee mug without a proper handle is like taking a walk on the wild side of caffeine consumption. It’s a little bit dangerous, but very exciting. Well, we have some good news for those who love to live dangerously: now there’s a rock climbers coffee mug that is literally made to look and feel like the edge of a rock. This way, it’ll help you practice your rock climbers grip every time you go for a sip of coffee.

Pinch hold mug.

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Looking For a Funny Tea Infuser? Here Are Some Ideas…

It is a crime against tea to use a regular, ordinary tea infuser; doing so shows a flagrant disregard for the subtle aromas and flavors that give each cup its unique charm. It’s like committing tea-n-and-run on the finest leaves in the world! But fear not, there’s still hope for redemption! Break free from the shackles of mundane tea infusers and make a statement with one that is quirky and fun. That’s why we rounded up top 10 funniest tea infusers. Scroll down to check them out! P.S. These tea infusers will also pair well with funny mugs that we published previously.

Sloth tea infuser.

Wish to enjoy tea while embracing your inner sloth? Introducing the sloth tea infuser – a great addition to your lazy tea-sipping routine. This adorable and cuddly tea infuser looks just like a sloth that hangs lazily in your cup while slowly steeping your tea to perfection.

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Croc Cowboy Boots: The Ultimate Crime Against Fashion

Crocs are truly a mystery, aren’t they? Everyone hates them, but they all secretly own a pair. They really do make a pair of Crocs for everyone these days. And if you can’t find the ones you like, you can make your very own unique pair with Croc accessories. Even if you’re a die-hard cowboy/cowgirl, and haven’t found that perfect set of crocs yet, that’s about to change. Let us introduce you to the cowboy boot Crocs! Sure, regular Crocs you can slip right on in an instant, but the question you need to ask yourself is, do they protect against rattle snake bites? The answer is clearly no, unless you own a pair of these fabulous bad boys.

Croc cowboy boots.

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Buttress Pillow: The Perfect Gift For a Sad, Lonely Man

Are you looking for a gift for a sad, lonely man who would love to use a yoga-pants wearing butt pillow to snuggle up with at night, so it can become his 1/4 wife? If the answer is YES, you are in luck! Introducing the buttress pillow! The company that makes it claims that it feels like a real woman’s butt and sleeping on it will help to reduce anxiety. We, however, think that’s bullshit, and they made this just to have a laugh.

Buttress pillow.

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