Bread Slippers Are Here To Satisfy Your Hunger For Style!

Loafing around will take on a whole new meaning once you spend a day vegging around your home in bread slippers. These funny slippers are styled like two light and fluffy loafs of bread that look like they just came out of the oven. Picture this: you wake up in the morning, stretch your arms, slip your feet into the warm embrace of freshly baked bread, and go to the kitchen to make a fresh cup of coffee. No more uncomfortable shoes, the future of fashion and comfort are these gluten-intolerant bread slippers! It’s not just a fashion statement, it’s a lifestyle choice. Once you turn your feet into loaves of bread, there’s no going back.

Bread slippers.

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Cat Head Massager Is The Cutest Thing Ever

Once you’ve reached the optimal crazy cat lady status, there comes a time in your life where you think it’s necessary to start massaging your cat’s head. Luckily, someone has already created a cat head massager, and it is most likely the most specific niche product you could think of. If your cat didn’t love you before, rest assured he will love you now. Your cat will be so thankful for the head massage that he might even ignore you for less time throughout the day, and if you’re really lucky, your cat may even acknowledge your existence. Or you can use it on yourself if you have a particularly small head.

Cat head massager.

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Crafting With Cat Hair: The Most Useful Book Ever

Have you ever looked at your cat and thought, “Wow, I wish I could turn your fur into a stylish scarf” or “Make cat is so damn useless, I wish I could turn him into a pair of comfy gloves”? Turns out you’re not the only one, because Crafting With Cat Hair is a real book, and it might just be the most important and useful book of the last century. It’s the perfect guide for all the crazy cat ladies out there who want to take their love for their furry friends to the next level. Now you can turn all that cat hair that’s been accumulating on your furniture into beautiful, one-of-a-kind crafts.

Crafting with cat hair.

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Funny Teeth Pacifiers That Make Parenting More Tolerable

Those of us that are parents know that keeping babies and toddlers calm can sometimes be tough. And when young kids are crying, all some parents need is a little relief to not go completely batshit crazy. Sure, you can go for that regular boring pacifier, or you can upgrade to something that’s sure to make you laugh while simultaneously calming down your kid, like these funny teeth pacifiers. There are various options available on Amazon to choose from. Scroll down for the funniest examples!

Funny pacifier.

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This Toilet Piano Lets You Create Music While You Poo

There is only one thing worse than being behind someone in line at Subway that orders more than one sandwich, and that is when you forget to bring your phone into the toilet when you need to take a dump. Sure, you can clean out your wallet, look at shampoo bottle labels, or just sit alone with your dark thoughts. But that’s no fun, is it? Here’s a solution: the Potty Piano is an electronic keyboard that sits on the floor and wraps around the toilet and allows you to play it with your feet while sitting on the can.

Potty piano.

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Can You Buy Dolphin Milk? Yes, You Can!

Introducing the latest sensation in the dairy world: dolphin milk in a can! This delicious new product will have you flipping your fins with excitement. You may be wondering – where does dolphin milk even come from? Company Beersy has employed a team of highly skilled dolphin milkers (who are also fluent in dolphin language) to gather the freshest and most nutritious milk straight from dolphin tits and packed it in an aluminium can for you to enjoy.

Dolphin milk.

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Silly Sack: Perfect Costume For Shy Dancers

Bad dancers are like a cross between a drunk octopus and a malfunctioning robot trying to climb and invisible ladder. Their moves are so clumsy and awkward, you’d think they were auditioning for a new reality show called “So You Think You Can Dance?”. But how can you become a better dancer if you’re too shy about your appalling skills that you’re afraid to try? That’s where the Silly Sack comes in! It’s a dancing sack that’s made from a very stretchy fabric that won’t hinder movement whatsoever and come in a range of colors and even kids’ sizes too so they can join the fun. Now you can practice dancing and remain completely anonymous.

Silly Sack in action.

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Meet Borbie: The “Shave And Play” Barbie Doll

Have you ever wanted to have a Barbie that you can shave? A beautiful doll that’s covered in thick, dark body hair? Well, you are in luck because this Etsy store is actually selling “Shave And Play” Barbie doll! As you’ve probably already noticed, they’re calling it “Borbie” not “Barbie”. We believe that’s for legal reasons, so Mattel won’t sue the crap out of them.

"Shave And Play" Barbie.

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This Duck Butt Night Light Is Hilariously Adorable

There are not many things that are cuter than a duck butt. It’s like nature’s little joke – this fluffy, cute animal with a little round tush that waddles as it walks. Why wouldn’t it be turned into a night light? You shouldn’t be able to admire duck butts only outside during daytime. Why not have one shining right by your bedside when you drift into sleep?

Duck butt night light.

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Spaghetti Fork Drill Bit: Very Manly Kitchen Item

If you’re still using a regular fork to eat spaghetti, you might as well put on a tutu and start dancing around like a ballerina. Real men know that to truly conquer a plate of spaghetti, you need a spaghetti fork drill bit. Not only it takes your manliness to a whole new level, but it also saves time that you can use for other manly activities in your life – such as using a chainsaw to trim your beard, doing push-ups on a bed of nails, or arm-wrestling a gorilla.

Spaghetti fork drill bit.

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Boyfriend Pillow: For Those Lonely Cold Nights

Being single is amazing – you can do what you want whenever you want and enjoy a drama-free life… yet sometimes it gets lonely and you need an arm around your shoulders from time to time. That’s where boyfriend pillow comes in! It’s shaped like a buff man’s upper torso, whichlooks classy and attractive in a handsome t-shirt cover. His strong arm wraps gently around the neck of his partner, creating a feeling of closeness, comfort and intimacy. Who said money can’t buy happiness?

Boyfriend pillow.

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Turkey Helmet Cover Will Make You Really Stand Out

This turkey motorcycle helmet cover is your ticket to de-escalating any road rage incident you may encounter on the road. It’s designed to fit most full-face helmets and will improve the mood of anyone you pass by on the road. We are not expecting too much from this cover in terms of aerodynamic efficiency and improving fuel efficiency, but what it loses on these metrics, it more than makes up for in the styles department.

Turkey helmet cover.

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Chicken Lamp With a Shining Egg In Its Butt

Is this art? Is this actually useful? Is this something that belongs in a dumpster? That’s for you to decide. Introducing the Chicken Lamp, the egg-citing new addition to your poultry-themed decor! This lamp looks like a chicken, complete with feathery details and a shiny, egg-shaped bulb in its butt. This has to be the next best thing after an actual taxidermy chicken with the same lightbulb butt feature.

Chicken lamp.

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