Rock Climbers Pinch Hold Mug That’s Nearly Impossible To Use

Using a coffee mug without a proper handle is like taking a walk on the wild side of caffeine consumption. It’s a little bit dangerous, but very exciting. Well, we have some good news for those who love to live dangerously: now there’s a rock climbers coffee mug that is literally made to look and feel like the edge of a rock. This way, it’ll help you practice your rock climbers grip every time you go for a sip of coffee.

Pinch hold mug.

Even if you mishandle the mug, and spill coffee all over yourself, you can lie to yourself that you are just learning from your mistakes for when it really counts while on the side of a real rock. Of course, you’ll never actually go rock climbing, because sitting on the couch and watching TV is much easier.

Pinch hold mug.

Having the strong hands of a rock climber can come in handy in all sorts of everyday situations. Need to open a stubborn jar of peanut butter? No problem. Trying to assemble an IKEA bookshelf? Your finger strength will make those tiny little screws look like child’s play! And let’s not forget about those lonely nights when you are alone at home after breaking up with your girlfriend/boyfriend…

Pinch hold mug.

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