25 thoughts on “So Instagram Users Are Licking Glitter For Attention Now…”

  1. The things some women will do to get attention. I’m a woman…you won’t catch me licking glitter and posting a pic. This is too dumb. This takes the whole dumb cake and drives it to Dumbtown.

  2. that first picture is the spitting image of a hooker. if you asked me to describe what a hooker looks like, i would show you that picture

  3. This is one of those things; it was interesting the first time it it was done – as soon as the next one was copying it, it just got stupid.

    Like autotuning without sound.

  4. I want to see the other pics, the ones where they almost choke trying to wash it off…God

  5. Idiots.

    Modern safety regulations have deprived our country of a means to rid ourselves of stupidity. Had this silly trend happened 50 years ago, there might have been a sufficiency of dangerous additives or poisonous dyes on the glitter to remove that stain from the gene pool.

  6. Welp, at least they’ll terminate themselves with a dumb act and not pollute the human gene pool with their dumbassery.

  7. lol it looks to me like they’re just having fun. pretty harmless compared to eating laundry soap. i’ll bet there’s another instagram somewhere, dedicated to documenting the digestive aftermath…. but thanks for not sharing that here!

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