These Ingenious Beer Mittens Keep Your Hands Warm While Keeping Your Beer Cold

Drinking booze in the winter is a complicated task. You need to keep your hands warm, and you need to keep your beer cold, but when you hold your beer with your bare hand, your beer gets warm, and your hand gets cold. This is a conundrum that humans have faced for millennia. Well, not anymore, these ingenious beer mittens, are a pair of winter mitts that were designed with one sole purpose in mind, and that is to hold your beer in the winter without getting your hand cold.

Beer mittens.

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Hand Drawn Bootleg Movie Posters From Ghana

Hand drawn movie posters have a very rich history in Ghana. Why? Because of the poor economy, there were no fancy printers or presses, and even if there were, they wouldn’t bother with something as silly as posters for bootleg movies. And so came a tradition of artists who created posters to create interest in these movies, even if they had to hand-paint them on flour bags. Though the means of printing became much more accessible, the tradition survives because of its extremely unique entertainment value. Scroll down to see some of the best (worst?) examples!

Hand drawn movie poster from Ghana.

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The Funniest Thanksgiving Tweets

Ahh, the wonderful Thanksgiving traditions – cozy family time, delicious turkey, and a day off at work. It all seems well and fine, but in reality, it’s more like stuffing yourself up until the point you cannot move anymore, drinking one too many glasses of wine and petty arguing with relatives. Thankfully, instead of being all sullen about it, you can always relate your problems with millions of people on the Internet and their hilariously funny Tweets.

Thanksgiving dinner.

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The Funniest Parenting Tweets

Parenting is about love, balancing priorities, managing responsibilities… and being able to laugh about all of it, of course! These Twitter moms and dads are completely honest about raising their kids. What’s more, they often confess their trials and tribulations in the funniest ways.

The truth about parenting.

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This Brush You Hold With Your Mouth Lets You Lick Your Cat

Sometimes the idea of making something so weird outweighs the actual usefulness of the item. Take for instance this cat brush that you hold in your mouth and use it by fake licking your cat with each stroke of the giant tongue brush sticking out of your mouth. Not only does this most likely not work at all in regards to actually brushing your cat, but also just makes you look like a complete idiot while using it, so it’s essentially a lose-lose situation.

Funny way to brush your cat.

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