An Honest Horoscope! Finally!

We all are guilty of checking our horoscopes once in a while. Even those who don’t believe in them have read what the future holds for their star sign at least once out of pure curiosity. While your birth date may not have anything to do with your fate or who you are as a person, sometimes horoscopes can make us take a hard and honest look at ourselves. Especially honest ones.

You have an inventive mind and are inclined to be progressive. You lie a great deal. You make the same mistakes repeatedly because you’re stupid. Everyone thinks you’re a jerk.

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This Month’s Funniest Internet Finds

Low Budget Taxidermy – Have you ever wondered what happens when you try to save money on taxidermy? This. This happens.

Popping Pimples For Fun – No matter how much you think you understand people, they will always surprise you. This time they’ve made a chunk of fake skin made from silica gel and dotted with several pores, each of which is filled with simulated pus you can squeeze out. Sounds something like you’d love to do for fun, right?

Brilliant Book Dedications – Generic book dedications are a dime-a-dozen, but these authors decided to make theirs as funny and creative as possible.

Creative Cosplay On a Hilariously Small Budget – Russian Instagrammer Alexander Kravets takes normal household items and uses them to make incredibly creative cosplay on the cheap, and the pictures are totally hilarious.

Some People Don’t Belong Anywhere Near Kitchen – Here are some cooking fails that prove, once again, some people should stay as far as away from cooking as possible.

Funniest Wildlife Photos From The Past Year – Did you know that each year there is a “Comedy Wildlife Photography” contest that give out awards to funniest animal pictures? There is. And it’s brilliant.

The Joys of Owning a Dog – So you want a dog in your life? After seeing this gallery of funny snapchats, you will surely reconsider and get yourself a cat.

Videos of Karens Gone Wild – Take a look at these horrifying displays of karenism for all across the U.S. and be happy that you were not the one who had to deal with them.

3D Wolf Underwear – In today’s episode of “Yes, apparently this is a thing”, we have wolf underwear, which essentially turns your bulge into the snout of the wolf as it protrudes outward, giving the wolf a 3D look to it. Why? Well… why not?

Doorknob Licking Trend In Japan – Japan is a strange place that never ceases to amaze us. This time it’s doorknob licking trend that has caught our attention. Just in time for Coronavirus outbreak…

Still bored to tears and want to see more funny links? You should check out Leenks and Fark.

Just In Time For Summer: Coffin Pool Float With Lid

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Man, the beach is awesome, but what if it had more death?” If yes, then oh boy, we have a treat for you. This coffin pool float (complete with lid) was created by Canadian designers Andrew Greenbaum and Ian Felton who launched a Pom Pom Floats brand to make their dream come true. The coffin floatie is available in black or pink and tt perfectly encapsulates the two biggest fears of being buried alive and drowning. So much fun, right?

Coffin floatie sounds like so much fun, right?

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Cancer Survivor Creates Sincere Empathy Cards

Emily McDowell is a greeting card designer and cancer survivor. In her own words: “The most difficult part of my illness (was) the loneliness and isolation I felt when many of my close friends and family members disappeared because they didn’t know what to say, or said the absolute wrong thing without realizing it.” In an effort to make things easier, she created these cards.

Empathy card.

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Pictures of Cats Using Your Carefully Chosen Gifts

Cats are pretty smart. They did, after all, convince an entire ancient civilization to worship them. So when we look at the pictures below, it’s safe to assume that these cats aren’t just being stupid. No. These cats are making a statement, and that statement is: “We don’t like your gifts. And even if we do, we’re not going to let you know it.”

When you buy a gift for your cat...

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Really Dark Stock Photos

These photos raise plenty of questions like who the hell buys this stuff and is there a weird stock photography office where you can apply for this job? Scroll down to see some of the best (worst?) examples of really dark stock photos and check out this book if you wish to have them in a printed form.

Some stock photos are extremely dark...

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