The Funniest Brexit Memes

Brexit has, utterly predictably, descended into farce. However the Brits haven’t forgotten one of their more positive national characteristics – bitingly dark and self-deprecating humor. Scroll down to see the funniest examples!

Cat's opinion on Brexit.

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Hilarious Fake Gift Packages To Prank Your Friends This Christmas

How will you wrap your Christmas presents this year? Are you going to use the same old boring wrapping paper or make the whole thing little more fun? Pranko-O is a company that creates hilarious prank gifts, called Prank Packs. The products, sadly, don’t exist and these are just gag boxes. But imagine your partner’s reaction when they were hoping to get an expensive necklace for Christmas but receive an Earwax Candle Kit instead – priceless!

Earwax Candle Kit.

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Cigarettes From Santa: Vintage Tobacco Christmas Ads

Ho-Ho-(cough)-Ho!  Merry-(cough)-Christmas!  Once upon a time, cigarettes were a Christmas present favorite – the gift that kept on giving (cancer). While kids were busy unwrapping their dolls and toy cars, dad was opening his carton of Camels. And the tobacco industry wasn’t shy about promoting their products for the holidays…

Ronald Reagan pushing drugs fro Christmas.

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Hipster Nativity Scene

If you feel that Christmas traditions are getting tired and too old-fashioned, it might be time to update them. That’s exactly why company Gorilla Goodies decided to make a Hipster Nativity Set (also available on Amazon). The set itself is fun, but what really makes it hipsteriffic is the details: there’s the stable itself, which is powered by a solar panels, three wise men are using Segways and delivering presents in Amazon Prime boxes, there’s a cow labeled 100% organic who’s eating gluten-free feed… Scroll down to see these and other funny details for yourself!

Hipster Christ can turn water into craft beer.

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Cats On Glass Tables

These pictures prove that all cat owners absolutely need a glass table in their house. Our furry friends love to sit and stare at the world around them, but when they choose a flat surface to lay on, they give us a view we don’t have the chance to see everyday… and it’s oddly funny.

Funny cat sleeping on a glass table.

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