Now That Brexit Is Done, Here’s What It Would Be Called If Other EU Members Decided To Leave

Even though Brexit has been a spectacular failure, the UK has finally left European Union. Could similar campaigns have flourished with catchier names in other EU countries? Probably not, for reasons that are becoming clearer and clearer. But just in case, the internet’s punsters are parodying Brexit with suggestions for names that the rest of Europe can use if they decide they’ve had enough.

Leaving EU slogan.

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Seagulls Stealing Food Are Funny And Terrifying

If you ever thought that all birds are sweet, innocent, and fluffy, well… we have bad news for you: some of them are total jerks. Seagulls for example are evil bastards who will steal an ice cream cone right out your hand. Scroll down to the see the hidden dark side that dwells within their little hearts.

Seagull stealing food.

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