7 Irresistible Homemade Cat Recipes

A quick check on any search engine will uncover a striking lack of quality cat recipes available in English. The day may come, for whatever reason – rioting, pestilence, famine, or just plain curiosity – you will need to eat a cat. Your very survival may depend on these handy recipes. You will need one large ginger cat, vegetables, spices, eggs, leafy greens, and some fruit. Scroll down to check out all seven filling and delicious homemade cat dishes that we have prepared!

Delicious cat recipe.

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This Guy Built a Mini-Bedroom For His Cat

Some cats have it all. Take, for instance, the adorable little bedroom Twitter user Bryan Davies recently shared with the world. Kitty has a bed, complete with bedspread that matches mom’s and dad’s. He has pictures on the walls, a rug, a miniature chair, some tiny yarn balls, and a mini scratching post… and even a wooden wall frame that holds a tablet so the cat can watch bird videos on YouTube!

Cat enjoying his bedroom.

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