Mexican Urban Teen Haircuts

Featured below are photos of Mexican urban teens by photographer Stefan Ruiz. Their weird hairstyles and distinct outfits are a part of Cholombianos subculture which they represent. This subculture centers around cumbia music which became extremely popular in 1960s and found a strong foothold in Mexico, specifically in Monterrey.

Mexican urban teen haircut.

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Werewolf Muzzle: Great For Walking Your Dog In The Woods

This dog muzzle makes your dog look like a snarling werewolf that’s about to take a chomp out of your butt, when in reality your dog is sitting calmly with it’s mouth shut, wondering why everyone around them is looking so scared and panicked. For those who decide to buy this atrocity, remember: terrify responsibly, don’t give your neighbours a heart attack! But those who don’t have a dog, we suggest that you check out Zombie Garden Gnomes.

Werewolf dog muzzle.

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