This Month’s Funniest Internet Finds

A Cheap Way To Get Cheap Laughs – Did you know that for just a few dollars you can get thousands of “For Rectal Use Only” stickers on Amazon? Well, some people have found it out and are not afraid to take advantage of it…

The Most Blatant And Obnoxious Knockoff Brands – WhatsApp perfume? Peepee Cola socks!? We’ll take them all!

Hilariously Brilliant Redneck Engineering – The world is full of human ingenuity, but a lot of it never gets seen because the people creating these wondrous inventions don’t have “patents” or “money” or “safety features”. They make stuff or fix stuff in ways that would never pass any kind of legal inspection.

Photos That Will Put A Smile On Your Face – Random selection of funny pictures that will help you to waste time online while you should actually be working.

Pop Culture Icons Recreated With Sausages – This gallery is exactly what you think it is: sausages dressed as celebrities, art pieces, and cartoon characters.

Random Funny Picture Selection – A collection of pictures from June, 2021 that will make you laugh… or at least slightly chuckle.

Poor Catfished Big Ed – How many times has “90 Day Fiance” star Big Ed has been catfished? Time to find out!

Hilarious Dog Shaming Gallery – While they may not know exactly what they did, judging by the guilty looks on their faces, they know they did something wrong.

Animals Caught Doing Funny Things – From a jet-propelled seagull to a gorilla picking its nose, these fabulously funny animal pictures are sure to make you giggle.

Album Covers That Tried To Look Sexy, But Failed Spectacularly – …and we are glad they did because now we have something to laugh about.

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7 Irresistible Homemade Cat Recipes

A quick check on any search engine will uncover a striking lack of quality cat recipes available in English. The day may come, for whatever reason – rioting, pestilence, famine, or just plain curiosity – you will need to eat a cat. Your very survival may depend on these handy recipes. You will need one large ginger cat, vegetables, spices, eggs, leafy greens, and some fruit. Scroll down to check out all seven filling and delicious homemade cat dishes that we have prepared!

Delicious cat recipe.

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