There Are Charcoal Underwear Pads That Neutralize Your Fart Smells, And They’re Called “Subtle Butt”

We’ve all been in a situation where you’d rather lose complete consciousness rather than taking one more breath of someone’s fart. Luckily, someone had enough of their spouses flatulence, and invented these ingenious charcoal underwear pads that neutralize the smell of farts before they ever leave the trousers of the fartee. They’re called Subtle Butt, and they can actually work both as a gag gift, or as a real product for someone with farting problems. Specifically people with extremely deadly fart smells.

Fart filter.

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Long Furby Trend: People Are Turning Their Furbies Into Terrifying Centipedes

The internet is full of surprises and it keeps evolving every single day. This is definitely one of such surprising things and it’s quite bizarre. Apparently, there’s an internet trend among strange people who dedicate their time and money to create long Furby versions of the good old Furby toy. Some even sell them online for those who want one, but don’t know how to make it themselves.

Long Furby.

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