Squeezable Stress Sausages For When You’re Extra Stressed at Work

What is with stress relief toys all having to have some sort of sexual innuendo to them? First Stress Balls, and now stress sausages! Anyway… Stress Sausages are perfect for relieving stress while also intimidating and frightening your husband or boyfriend at the same time. They come in three different types to choose from, including a frankfurter sausage, a saveloy sausage, and a weisswurst sausage.

Stress sausages.

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This Guy Sends His Girlfriend Photoshopped Photos Whenever She Asks If Their Kids Are OK

Kenny and his girlfriend have always had a humoristic approach towards both their relationship and parenting. After their daughter was born, whenever Kenny was looking after her on his own, his girlfriend would contact him asking if their little bundle of joy was doing OK. After a few of these queries, the dad developed quite the way to respond. With the help of his camera and Photoshop, Kenny began replying using pictures…

Dad of the year.

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