Meet Pigcasso: The World’s First Pig Artist

Joane Lefson rescued a one-month-old piglet from a slaughterhouse and soon realized that the animal was special. According to Joane, of his own free will, the little pig started painting canvases in a sanctuary located in South Africa. Now this full-grown pig is known as Pigcasso and one of his artworks has just broken a record. The artistic pig made a painting that was sold for roughly $23,000.

Pigcasso - the first pig artist ever!

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Dehydrated Water In a Can

This miracle in a can is they key to rehydrating after an intense workout or a long night out. With dehydrated water all you have to do is pop the cap, add water and BOOM, infinite drinks! One 16oz can makes up to infinite gallons. It’s the perfect gift for someone who has it all, the product is, of course, gluten free, MSG free, and 100% free of all chemicals except the chemicals in the air the can contains.

Dehydrated water in a can.

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Did You Know There’s an Annual Duck Fashion Show In Australia?

Forget about New York Fashion Week or the Paris runway. In Sydney, Australia, well-dressed ducks steal the scene at the annual “Pied Piper Duck Show”, an event that’s part of Sydney’s Royal Easter Show for more than 30 years. It’s organized by farmer Brian Harrington, and each fowl member receives three outfits. One for day, one for evening, and one for a wedding. Because, after all, how else is he going to show off his haberdashery skills? Not by dressing them for the beach, that’s for sure.

Duck fashion show.

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Crocodile Socks by Emma Bermudez

When the snow falls and the cold wind blows, you’ll need a cozy and comfortable friend to keep you warm… while he’s simultaneously eating your legs. That’s exactly why Emma Bermudez decided to knit these socks with textured stitch pattern across the body (designed to mimic a crocodile’s skin), raised eyes, nose bobbles, a gapping maw, and arms and legs. You can’t actually buy the crocodile socks, however there’s a knitting pattern available on Etsy for those who are willing to make a pair of their own.

Crocodile socks.

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Beef Jerky Underwear

Brief Jerky underwear is proof that dreams really do come true. These tasty and protein-packed panties take edible underwear to the next level – not only by looking and feeling great, but also by providing your lucky partner with their recommended daily calorie intake. Note the time and care that has gone into crafting this wonderful undergarment. The attention to the properly placed groments that enhance the wearers comfort, and even decorated with sparkling (fake) gemstones!

Brief jerky.

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