Totally Pointless Gallery: Cats On Synthesizers In Space

If you enjoy wasting your time looking at completely pointless stuff, you will love this gallery of cats on synthesizers in space. It’s a mashup that’s so mesmerizingly absurd, it makes you wonder why are you so drawn to looking at these pics. But what makes it so mesmerizing? Is it the cats’ deadpan expressions as they unintentionally create avant-garde electronic music? Is it the sheer randomness of it all? Or is it the thought that maybe, just maybe, our feline companions are the true maestros of the synthesizer universe? If you have an answer, please let us know in the comments below!

Cat on synthesizer in space.

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Dog Crocs: There Actually Exist Crocs For Dogs!

Crocs are rubbery abominations that somehow made it into the world of footwear. I mean, who looked at a shoe and said, “You know what this needs? More holes and a shape that defies all logic!” Perhaps most upsetting of all when it comes to Crocs, however, is that they offer these delightful shoes only for humans. Until now! Now this crime against fashion even has a tiny version for your dog. Why should you suffer alone when you can humiliate yourself and your dog at the same time?

Dog Crocs. Yes, Crocs for your dog.

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The Funniest Single-Panel Comics by Scott Metzger

Scott Metzger is a cartoonist from Northern California who has been cartooning since 1996, which makes him a veteran with decades of practice. Metzger has nailed the portrayal of pets and their ridiculous and very human-like behavior. His endearing sense of humor, lighthearted style and positivity make his work a much-needed antidote to today’s world where we are attacked by so much negativity from social media and news. Scroll down to see some of our favorites and check out Scott Metzger’s books on Amazon for more!

Cartoon by Scott Metzger.

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Hilariously Offensive Greeting Cards by Bluntcard

Bluntcard is a branded style of image and humor – virtual greeting cards to be shared on the web or real cards you can order on Amazon. The humor style is often truthful, abrupt, and can be insensitive. Bluntcards are mostly dealing with social issues, self absorption, hypocrisy and sometimes current events. Scroll down to see some of the best examples from @TheRealBluntcard Instagram account!

Hilariously offensive greeting card by Bluntcard.

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The Funniest Single-Panel Comics by Nate Fakes

If dad jokes and puns is your kind of humor, you’ll enjoy this selection of best cartoons by Nate Fakes. He’s a cartoonist, creative writer, illustrator, and donut enthusiast that resides in the L.A. area. Nate’s work has appeared in MAD Magazine, The New York Times, and Scholastic publications, and he has several books available on Amazon. In his own words: “I’ve been a cartoonist my whole life. Professionally, I guess you can say I started about a little over a decade ago. It’s a tough profession, but the most rewarding profession, too.”

Cartoon by Nate Fakes.

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Shark Hoodie Blanket To Release Your Inner Apex Predator

The shark hoodie blanket is not limited to bedtime use only. You know what they say “dress for the job you want, not the job you have”. So you might as well let everyone at the office know that your ultimate dream is to live as a land shark. Who in their right mind would want to spend their whole life as a human? Humans are just weak, almost hairless apes with tiny teeth and easily penetrable skin. Hardly a description of a badass. Sharks are so much superior! This is truly an amazing invention that will change your life for the better.

Shark hoodie blanket.

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Books That Perfectly Sum Up Your Life

The best kind of humor is relatable humor. That’s why we recommend following this Instagram account created by Jason Mustian. The illustrations and titles go together perfectly and they cover a wide range of topics. Dating, dieting, trying to make friends as an adult without coming off like a desperate creep. Like we said, relatable. Scroll down to see our favorites and don’t forget to get an actual book on Amazon.

Book about my life.

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The Funniest Single-Panel Comics by Derek Evernden

Illustrator Derek Evernden doesn’t need a whole lot of panels to tell a story – one is more than enough for him. From funny animal conversations to the struggles of grown-ups, his unique drawing style combined with a dark sense of humor is the perfect combination that will make you laugh. Derek has also published several books of his drawings which you can get on Amazon. Scroll down to check out some of the best examples!

Cartoon by Derek Evernden.

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