Owner Shares a Hilarious Dog Growth Chart

Imgur user rayzer12 brought his puppy Axl home aged just 7.5 weeks, and first took a photo of the pup curled cutely in a quite unlikely place, the gusset of his underpants. This became a tradition. As Axl continued to follow his human to toilet breaks, rayzer12 would take a photo of the lavatory Labrador nestled in his pants…

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Artist Creates Sculptures That Show What Would Happen If Renaissance Masters Sculpted Today

Spanish artist Gerard Mas creates humorous marble sculptures that shows elegant 15th-century ladies picking their noses, chewing gum and blowing bubbles, or using headsets while talking on the phone.

I thought about the millions of attitudes and situations that old artworks couldn’t capture because they were simply inappropriate for a lady in the 15th century. I decided to try to do it in an old media and style. It was something like an invented old art. After that, the anachronisms came and pop elements, too, as a natural evolution.

Scroll down to see these ironic sculptures for yourself.

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Kids’ Monster Doodles Recreated by Professional Artists

The Monster Project brings together kids and more than 100 professional artists that work together “to help children recognize the power of their own imaginations and to encourage them to pursue their creative potential”. Inspired by children’s doodles, artists recreate them in their own unique way, making it fun not only for the kids, but also for themselves.

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