The Funniest Four-Panel Comics by Chris Hallbeck

Chris Hallbeck is a roughly human shaped collection of anxieties held together by caffeine and curiosity. He’s been publishing comics on the internet since 2006 with his single-panel comic The Book of Biff, followed by his multi-panel strip Maximumble – all his books can be found on Amazon. He was the co-writer and artist for Unshelved at the end of it’s run which led to co-creating the similarly themed Library Comic. With the addition of his voice and animation, his comics have found an audience of millions of followers across TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. He lives in Michigan with his wife, two children, and a small worm in the back of his skull that whispers comic ideas to him. Scroll down to see some of his funniest four-panel comics!

Comic by Chris Hallbeck.

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The World’s Greatest Gallery of Potato Butts

Potatoes can sometimes grow into unusual shapes, including those that resemble butts, due to a combination of factors related to their growth and environment. Despite their quirky appearances, potatoes that look like butts are generally safe to eat, so you should not hold yourself back and proceed to take a bite out of a potato butt. We’ve previously featured mushroom butts, tree butts, and starfish butts. Obviously, potato butt gallery was long overdue…

Potato butt.

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Hilarious Gallery of Awkwardly Sitting Dogs

In a world full of stress, chaos, and bad hair days, there’s one source of pure, unadulterated comedy that never fails to bring a smile to our faces: awkwardly sitting dogs. While looking at their faces you can almost hear them say “I meant to do this… totally meant to do this.” Scroll down to see the funniest examples!

Awkwardly sitting dog.

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Clever And Funny Street Art by Dutch Artist Frankey

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” Picasso once claimed. For Frankey this problem simply does not exist. Drawing inspiration from both childhood memories and a fascination with present-day life and culture, his work takes many forms yet is always recognisable through its playful creativity and light touch of mischief. Frankey currently lives and works in Amsterdam, with his work having been displayed in various exhibitions and solo shows in the Netherlands, Italy, Germany and US. Scroll down to see the best examples!

Street art by Dutch artist Frankey.

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What Happened To Ronald McDonald?

Remember Ronald McDonald? He used to be the main mascot of McDonald’s. It was back in the day when clowns weren’t universally perceived as creepy abominations from hell. We decided to do a little investigation and ask artificial intelligence image generator where is Ronald McDonald now. Apparently he is living in the basement of undisclosed McDonald’s restaurant while slowly morphing into a giant cockroach-spider hybrid…

What happened to Ronald McDonald?

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Funny Links From Around The Internet

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Pareidolia: The Art of Seeing Funny Faces Everywhere – Get ready to giggle your way through this gallery of pareidolia peculiarities, where the only limit to imagination is the number of objects you can anthropomorphize.

“Sexy” Nightclub Pictures That Will Make You Cringe – The nightclub is a really fun place to go if you to drink, dance, make new friends and make memories… that you may or may not actually be able to recall.

Funny Random Thoughts That Will Break Your Mind – Just think about it; pooping your pants is an experience unique to human species (and other mind-blowing facts).

The Funniest Comics by Nathan W. Pyle – This guy is talented and creates very funny and relatable four-panel comics.

Stressticles (Testicle Shaped Stress Balls) – Ball busting stress relief teabagger ball sack for the overworked office plankton.

Very Relatable Introvert Memes – If you are not an introvert yourself, this is a great post to understand introverts a bit better.

Funny (And Sad) Memes About Money Problems – Some material to laugh trough tears for all the people who are struggling out there.

Yoga Poses That Say “I Eat Ass” – How you work out can say a lot about you. It can indicate what your interests are…

Batshit Crazy Subway People – Self-awareness? Never heard of her. Unless… some of these folks just like the attention.

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The Funniest “You Wouldn’t Last An Hour In The Asylum Where They Raised Me” Memes

Since Taylor Swift released “The Tortured Poets Department” album, fans have been obsessively dissecting and discussing all of her new lyrics. However, one line from “Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me?” has gained a lot of attention. Across social media, “You wouldn’t last an hour in the asylum where they raised me” has quickly become a meme, and it’s pretty funny – especially for the chronically online. So, here are the best pictures using this line – scroll down and have a laugh!

you wouldn’t last an hour in the asylum where they raised me

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