Jesus Being a Jerk

“Jesus Is a Jerk” is a meme consisting of images showing Jesus with average people doing everyday tasks. Hilarity ensues as funny and often vulgar text is added. The original images with the caption “With You Always” were illustrated as a series titled “Jesus: With You Always” in 1987 by the Christian artist Larry Van Pelt. Scroll down to see the funniest examples of this meme!

Are we there yet?

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Godzilla Haikus

When he’s not terrorizing people and destroying their cities, did you know that Godzilla is actually a pretty sensitive creature? So next time you see Godzilla emerge from the sea with that crazy look in his eye, remember that beneath that rough exterior is a poet with a heart of gold. Here are some of the monster’s best haikus.

With artillery, You greet your nuclear child. Am I the monster?

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