Funny Links From Around The Internet

Hilariously Threatening Warning Signs – Nosey neighbours? These variations on the “No trespassing!” signs will make you laugh and improve your day.

What If Bears Were Our Hiking Buddies? – You could use the power of AI to solve real problems… or you could generate a gallery of a world where bears don’t attack people, but go hiking together instead. The right choice is obvious.

Pills To Give Someone You Hate – There’s probably someone in your life that could use a couple of boxes of these pills.

Jimmy Fallon Fake Laughing and Clapping – Is there a more annoying host that Jimmy Fallon? The answer is no, there is not.

Hilarious Whiskey Decanter – With its unique shape, this one is not for easily offended.

Women Sharing The Funniest Cheating Excuses – Some guys create the dumbest and cringiest stories to explain why they were cheating…

20 Nightclub Pictures That Will Make You Cringe – These people really should have just stayed home.

Funny And Relatable Customer Service Memes – If you’ve spent a day working in customer service, then you’ve spent a lifetime.

How Many Meeting Achievement Stickers Can You Collect? – How was your week? Did you find ways to avoid the void of responsibilities at your cold, bleak workplace? Dick around in a meeting maybe rather than pay attention!? If so, you could be eligible for a meeting achievement sticker!

Perfectly Timed Pictures of People About To Fail – Is there anything more fun than to watch people who are about to fail and make a fool out of themselves?

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