Funny Stuff From Our Friends

Moose Poop Jewelry – If you’re looking for some nice shit to rock around your neck, or dangle from your ears this summer, look no further.

Cat Litter Cakes – Just when you thought that cat people couldn’t possibly get more crazy… they come up with cakes that look like cat litter.

Stupidest Questions Asked by Moms In Facebook Groups – At least a few of these are going to make you wonder how these women managed to become mothers in the first place.

The Burrito Bumper – Brilliant invention! Pre-load its base with a tortilla, place its funnel beneath your chin, and any time you spill burrito ingredients, they end up inside the taco. Second course served!

Wholesome Pictures That Will Put a Smile On Your Face – If 2022 makes you feel depressed (it probably is), this gallery will surely help.

The Funniest Dog Videos of All Time – We understand the value of a good funny dog video, so here’s a list of our six best viral pup videos of all time. You’re welcome.

Hilarious Tweets that Perfectly Sum Up Fatherhood – Being a dad means always being a shoulder to cry on. And wipe your nose on. And spit up on. You’re basically just a human napkin.

Pranks That Turned Into Popular Horror Tropes – Not all pranks are funny. Some are pretty scary… if you believe these stories.

Random Funny Pictures – What do you do when you are bored at work? You just mindlessly scroll through random funny pictures, of course!

Cakes With Threatening Auras – Just like humans, some cakes are beautiful, some are ugly, and some are just plain threatening…

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