The Funniest Internet Finds of February, 2018

Tips for Single Women (1938) – Don’t look bored, smudge his handkerchief with lipstick, talk to other men, cry or caress him in public. Got all that?

Stupid Men’s Fashion (Gallery 1), (Gallery 2), (Gallery 3) – Can you believe that this crap is actually considered cutting-edge men’s fashion in 2018?

Should I Have a Beer Tonight? – When you are faced with this important question, you really should look for advice by looking at this useful piechart.

Real Penguins Reacts To Seeing a Stuffed Penguin – Is it a lost youngster? A new kid on the block? Who the hell knows…

33 Tombstones of People Who Died Laughing – Turns out there’s plenty of humor to be found on those well-manicured lawns, even if it is gallows’ humor.

Common Workplace Phrases That Should Be Banned – “We need to think outside the box”. Ugh. How about “We need to use annoying, stupid phrases at work”? How about that?

35 Hilariously Offensive Vintage Ads – It’s was a very different time. These ads would definitely not go unnoticed in today’s world.

Funny Reaction GIFs – Hilarious selection of short animations that perfectly sums up my life… and yours probably too.

43 Google Search Typos That Turned Out Better Than Expected – Google always gives us what we ask for, doesn’t it? Yes, that beautiful search engine stops at nothing to deliver satisfying results.

Funny Faces of Olympic Figure Skating – They may look graceful while moving, but when you freeze them it’s a different story.

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