The Funniest Trump vs. Biden Debate Memes And Reactions

Joe Biden’s debate disaster has gotten the meme treatment from social media. He sounded tired and hoarse, frequently stumbled over his words and on one occasion completely lost his train of thought and trailed off into silence, it sparked a hilarious meme-fest across social media platforms. Scroll down to see the funniest examples!

All of the US right now

BREAKING: Biden team adds translator for the debate.

trying to give joe an adderall through the tv

He needs to go to a nursing home.

5 minutes to go, Joes getting pumped!!

Everyone watching this debate:

The first Presidential debate will be held today.

ok if you don't live in the US, please turn the debate off. This is our private family humiliation, and we'd all prefer you not stare.

Biden looks like this.

biden: unintelligible bullshit trump: straight up not-true bullshit moderators: thank you.

So here’s some of the more nuanced commentary after last nights presidential debate

Don’t watch the debates if you’re one of those people who gets really sad when you see an elderly person eating soup alone at a restaurant.

Most amazing debate ever. The best part was when they were arguing over who was better at golf.

I say give them both a Roku remote and the first one to start a movie gets to be president

Debate Night in America

It could be worse. Those could be the two guys running for president

the adderall shortage is out of control

they up there calling each others suckers. this is so geriatric.

two of the sharpest minds in politics at the top of their game... incredible to watch

Joe Biden rn

I like both candidates but I think we need somebody older

Biden has looked like this the entire debate #Debates2024

Biden: look, the fact is, we can’t… we don’t… look. Here’s the deal. And this is no foolin Trump: there are ten billion guatemalans attacking the lincoln memorial right now

rump: Wisconsin is GONE. Every single Mexican came and poked holes into the earth of Wisconsin and sunk it beneath lake Michigan Biden: the only thing in Wiscombin… Westontin… West Condor

25 thoughts on “The Funniest Trump vs. Biden Debate Memes And Reactions”

  1. They should have had Biden stop lying just for tonight. It’s depressing fact checking him. Probably have to vote Trump again. Wish our once great Democratic Party would HIRE SOMEONE PRESIDENTIAL!

  2. @Dad

    Please no, we already have enough on our plate for now. See if the French are interested maybe?

  3. The choice is either an old man who stumbles and gets lost in thought but will eventually do the right thing or an old man who thinks he is the reincarnation of Dictator Mussolini but is just a Mouse-a-weenie.

  4. “Time for the Brits to take back that colony. It just didn’t work out.”

    Yeah, they’ve really got it together right now with their billionaire Prime Minister grossly miscalculating and calling a snap election. We should look to a better managed country, like France.

    Oh, wait. Never mind.

  5. Watching American politics on all fronts is like living in a psychotic nightmare. This just can’t be happening… but it is. I don’t know that anywhere else in the world is any better, though.

  6. I really don’t understant why Americans today have to choose between Alzheimer and Mythomania to rule their country. Is it just too hard to face reality in the “best democracy of the world”, that you really really want to either forget or lie? I’m shaking…

  7. In today’s news, Greenland offers to buy the United States. “Prime Day’s coming up, right?”, said Greenland Prime Minister Mute Egede, “We have Prime. And I’m sure Denmark will lend us their credit card.”
    In a related story, Apple has offered to put their off-duty Genius Bar employees to the task. “We’ll do an update or upgrade for each unit, whichever is appropriate, with only the cost of our proprietary charging cable to be deferred until the riots and swearing-in are concluded.”

  8. Trump can say a full sentence…thats the best we got right now. Would have liked to here that Kennedyguy. Too bad..

  9. Trump told several lies. Biden may have told just as many. It sort of comes down to how you want to interpret some of the mumbling gibberish. I don’t know if defeating Medicare counts as one.

  10. What a choice! One old man who should be in a care home and the other old man who should be in jail.

  11. Now, only at the end of our civilization, we get the Biden jokes – not that it matters much.

    Get busy growing those gardens, folks. Oh, and get to know your neighbors. Stock up on rice, beans and ammo and keep those kids away from pesky military recruiters. You will need them because the the sh!t is hitting the fan now! The people in charge cannot hide the fact that they haven’t a clue..and they don’t care one whit about the little guys.

  12. It doesn’t matter, folks. Somebody else has been, is and will be running the USA (and world.) This is merely a side-show to distract us and keep us divided.

  13. I think Tociye hit the nail on the head; Biden is distant absent and Trump just wins cash. We really need a president who will work straightforwardly. A.I. for president! Siri for dictator of the world!

  14. Will the real rulers of America, please stand up?!

    All of the wealth of ann Empire plundered while citizens were staring at a puppet show…fun stuff.

  15. I’m 64 and I think I remember a time when candidates offered up generally well reasoned arguments for their approach to solving problems with how the US is being run.
    I’m pretty sure I saw at least one debate like that in the 1970’s. Perhaps it’s wishful thinking.
    Amazing how our standards have been lowered over the decades.

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