Christmas Tree Ornaments That Are Actually Funny

If you are tired of usual boring Christmas tree ornaments, check out these beautiful creations. We spent many hours going over countless Etsy stores to find the funniest ornaments, so scroll down and enjoy!

Made by AnchoredbyArleneCo

Baby it's Covid outside!
Made by omgcardsshop

I put out for Santa.
Made by VirginiaLeeStitches

Well hung.
Made by designedbywyatt

Merry Christmas!
Made by TimberRoadMercantile

2020 vs. 2021
Made by 3CEtching

Merry Xmas!
Made by IronMaidArt

Nothing for you.
Made by StanleyWinked

Merry catsass.
Made by HelloLemonZesty

2021 Christmas tree ornament.
Made by WoodlanderWorkshop

Pandemic year 2.
Made by HelloLemonZesty

I tried.
Made by LaserXdesigns

He sees you.
Made by HausWoodWorks

Funny tree ornament.
Made by UkrainianBeadJewelry

We have been trying to reach you...
Made by 3CEtching

Funny Christmas ornament.
Made by customstampedbyjess

Die Hard Christmas ornament.
Made by drockpress

Santa is lazy.
Made by 3CEtching

Dumpster fire Christmas ornament.
Made by CustomGiftsbyJP

Didn't hang itself.
Made by TenmilePeakShop

Your gift is in the litter box.
Made by CaptivatingCraftCo

5 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Ornaments That Are Actually Funny”

  1. The birch ones are always very well made. Excellent choices this year. I’m going with the man and vaccine one.

  2. Ugh. The letter spacing on the “ya filthy animal” one makes me want to throw it against a wall. Professional advice: Never “design” in Microsoft Word.

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