The Funniest Black Friday Tweets

Oh, Black Friday! Time wonderful time when people hit the stores and try not to get trampled to death over a half price TV set. Sounds like fun? Some Twitter users agree, some disagree. Take a look at the funniest Black Friday tweets below!

If you're going Black Friday shopping, be a decent human being and turn your phone horizontal before you record fights.

I'd rather let a red-headed kid sneeze in my mouth than go shopping on Black Friday.

This Black Friday remember, your Christmas present will be much more meaningful to me if you had to pepper spray someone in order to get it.

Just trampled a family of six to get a 50%-off coupon for something I don't need. No regrets.

On my way to the mall to get the best parking space, I'm going sit in my car with the reverse lights on for a few hours.

remember when black friday used to be like the deals of the century, now its like "take 5 dollars off with any purchase of $2000 or more!"

It's Black Friday. Don't forget to change your clock back to being an a-hole after pretending to be thankful yesterday.

ME: I have zero interest in owning a parrot. CLERK: This parrot is 80% off. ME: I will take 4 parrots

If you spend nine minutes of your time trying to save a dollar, you're working for less than minimum wage; just saying.

It's Black Friday to many of you. To me, it's unsubscribe from this email list I never knew I was on Friday.

Black Friday advice for y'all: If you buy something for 500 instead of 1000 you haven't saved 500. You spent 500.

I want #BlackFriday to be televised just like the Hunger Games

on this Black Friday I'd like to fondly recall the guy I saw slap another adult on the ear outside a Best Buy over a portable DVD player

You know you're getting older when your Black Friday search starts with a refrigerator #BlackFriday

Do people who get up at 4:00 am to shop on Black Friday know about Amazon ?

One's intelligence is directly inverse to the likelihood of stating "I can't wait to go shopping on #BlackFriday."

random fact: more people die shopping on Black Friday than by shark attacks

A special shoutout to all the security and #LawEnforcement people working #BlackFriday Civil war is already upon us.

You don't think I'm ready for Black Friday? I was 1st grade line leader for THREE WEEKS STRAIGHT. This is what I train for. This is my life.

There should be an observation desk at walmart with bar. Imagine the shit you'd see! :)

are there any black friday deals for a meaningful relationship?

*comes out of bathroom* haha they should call it Brown Friday. So are you folks ready to order?

Black Friday: Because only in America do people trample others for sales, exactly one day after being thankful for what they already have.

In Canada at our Black Friday sales we fight to see who gets to hold the door open for others.

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  1. No idea where you are but here the stores up prices shortly before so that on the day it looks like a sale. Use Pricespy history and check before being gullible.

  2. I don’t think it’s really necessary to buy something in order to enjoy Black Friday. It’s much more fun to wait until everyone is in and just lock the doors from the outside.

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