Beer Mug Socks With a Handle: Bold Fashion Statement

Have you heard of beer mug socks? They’re shin-high socks that are made to look like you have filled beer mugs instead of feet, and they even have a nice little 3D beer mug handle that sticks out from the side of each sock. It’s the perfect choice for someone who likes to drink beer and commit a fashion crime by wearing socks with sandals. Definitely a much safer choice than sticking your feet in actual beer mugs.

Beer mug socks.

While these socks certainly look delicious, we strongly advice against eating them. Believe it or not, but they’re made form cotton and cotton is not delicious. If you’re not brave enough to actually wear them on your feet, they can alternatively be used as a mitten to hold your beer. This way you beer will keep cold while your hand will stay warm.

Beer mug socks.

Unfortunately these socks come in only one size. If you have extremely large or very tiny feet, this product might not be for you.

Beer mug socks.

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