Junk Drawer Starter Kit Makes For a Perfect Housewarming Gift

If you’ve just bought a new home, you probably don’t yet have a drawer that’s filled with endless crap that you’ll never use, but the one time you actually do need something in it you’ll never be able to find it. Well, there’s now a starter pack to get you going! It’s called the Junk Drawer Starter Kit, and it contains all of the essential crap that every junk drawer must have.

Junk Drawer Starter Kit that you can actually buy on Etsy.

Not only is it great for people buying new homes who are unusure about what to place in their first junk drawer, but it also makes for a great housewarming gift. The Junk Drawer Starter Kit contains a total of 9 items to get you started, including a flashlight, scissors, a screwdriver, a few rubber-bands, a pen, 2 sizes of batteries, a roll of tape, and some matches! You’ll have your first junk drawer completely cluttered and a complete mess in no time!

Junk Drawer Starter Kit that you can actually buy on Etsy.

Junk Drawer Starter Kit that you can actually buy on Etsy.

You can get this kit on Etsy, and we must admit that selling random junk for high profit margin is a brilliant business idea. Well done!

18 thoughts on “Junk Drawer Starter Kit Makes For a Perfect Housewarming Gift”

  1. Great idea but those items are too useful. A Junk Drawer should just contain all those useless things you “need” but don’t really..

    The junk drawer pictured is too organized, too useful to be real. At least at my house .

  2. Egad, Patricia, we have the same junk drawer. A key to…something. A cork. A really big rubberband. A Post-it pad with 1 Post-it left. A nickel and 2 pennies. A twist tie and/or a plastic tag off a bread bag. An attachment to something or other from the kitchen which you may or may not still have.

  3. What? No dust and dead bugs? The obligatory tube of old hardened glue is missing as well.

  4. What about the empty Altoids tin, broken cat laser, 3 outdated take -out menus, and a giant roll of duct tape that prevents the drawer from closing/opening properly?

  5. Well, the reason why it’s not exactly a real junk drawer to y’all is cause it’s a starter, like it said. It’s supposed to make you WANT to fix it by adding the right components and ending up with the perfect junk drawer.

  6. I am assuming the roll of tape is empty, the batteries are dead, the flashlight has no batteries, the pen doesn’t write, there’s a nickel and three pennies in the matchbox, the rubber bands are dry-rotted, the scissors are rusted shut, and the screwdriver has a split shank where the tips won;t stay in. How hard would it have been to add some envelopes with the flaps sealed shut?

  7. Where are the 37 (it’s a starter kit!) over twisted twist ties? Those are mandatory!!!

  8. what about the balls of unwound/knotted string? cant be a junk drawer without them!

  9. A tin or tube of ‘something’ that has leaked, coating all the other items. Ditto the batteries. Some blown fuses. Spare cash so old that it is no longer legal tender. Used postage stamps. Coffee granules stuck to everything.

  10. The items in this pack are brand new, a realistic junk drawer started pack must contain:
    At least half dozen broken pens with missing pieces, an old empty plastic medicine bottle, an action figure with a missing limb, a broken Barbie’s head, a power ranger figure with no head, old store’s receipts, a few orphaned lego bricks, bus tickets, a couple of unused ugly keychains, random coins, a pack of tissue paper, and expired candy.

    I told you by experience!

  11. I have kept mine neat and tidy for over 30 years by using my ex husbnds trimmer haha he lives in Oakmont with his gf now. I met her one time and she is definitely NOT from the 70s hahaha

  12. It’s not a true junk drawer unless it’s so overstuffed that you can’t open it without an advanced degree in creative swearing.

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