2024 World’s Greatest Mullets Calendar Is Here!

You might think that the notorious mullet is a thing of the past and nobody is committing this crime against hair anymore, but you would be wrong. It’s actually going strong and is quite popular with a certain kind of people. This World’s Greatest Mullets 2024 calendar will treat you to a magnificent mullet picture every month, each more gnarly than the last.

"2024 World's Greatest Mullets" calendar.

What’s the story behind the notorious mullet? The name itself wasn’t coined until recent times, with the Oxford English Dictionary crediting the Beastie Boys’ 1994 classic Mullet Head for common popularisation. But as we know, the infamous cut often referred to as the “Kentucky Waterfall” existed way before that. But business in the front, party in the back approach certainly is not a modern invention. Prehistoric people would likely have discovered the practical benefit of cutting their fringe to keep it out of their eyes while extra growth at the back would keep their necks warm and protected from the rain. There are also Greek statues that date back to the 6th century BCE that show mullets were at the inception of western culture. Ancient Roman chariot racers rocked them, too. And in the 16th century, Hittite warriors sported them, along with the Assyrians and the Egyptians.

"2024 World's Greatest Mullets" calendar.

Fast forward many centuries: in USA 1980s were the glory years of the mullet. Everyone from Metallica’s James Hetfield to Billy Ray Cyrus had a mullet. Whether you were metal or country, yuppie or punk, jock or biker, the mullet was a mainstay of hairdos. Typically signifying fun and flamboyance, it said to the world, “Hey, I party and I enjoy riding in open-top cars!” In the 1990s the trend began its steady decline. No longer paraded by pop stars and TV hosts, no longer legitimized in the public eye, the hairdo quickly became taboo, a source of embarrassment for people who once proudly flicked their mullets into the wind. By the late 90s and early noughties, only art weirdos and subcultural freaks happily took up the hairdo.

"2024 World's Greatest Mullets" calendar.

Surely all of which adds up to the impossibility of a comeback? Wrong. There are signs of a comeback. 1980s and 1990s nostalgia is getting popular, annual mullet festival is taking place in Australia, and mullet is actually a quote popular dog grooming trend. And this bestselling calendar is proof of mullet mania comeback also. If you wish to do your part of the great mullet revival, you can get your copy of World’s Greatest Mullets 2024 calendar on Etsy! Please note that this site is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. As an Etsy affiliate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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