Funny Overheard Conversations People Couldn’t Help But Share

Although people say that listening to other private conversations is impolite, there’s so much small talk happening in public that sometimes they just can’t help it. Scroll down to see the funniest examples of people who shared overheard conversations they heard with no context whatsoever! Whether someone’s at the grocery store, playground, or museum, these interactions are equal parts weird and hilarious.

I just overheard my 5 year old daughter playing house with her friend and she said, "I'm not going to change my life for you, Jameson."

Overheard on the metro north: “I’m a teenage girl, I need to make stupid decisions.” I, a 32 year old teenager, strongly agree

Overheard 15 yr old niece fighting with her friend : You think I can't live without you ? Who do you think you are? My phone charger ?

Overheard from our bartender tonight: Karma is not a bitch, honey, it’s a mirror.

If you’re ever feeling unemployable just know that I work for a 3 billion dollar company and just overheard the following conversation: Coworker 1: How do you spell constellation? Coworker 2: What? Oh, Me? Gemini

Overheard: ‘if my biological dad was a good person, I probably wouldn’t be calling him my biological dad’

Overheard at the gas station: Clerk 1: Janet worked last night, didn’t she? Clerk 2: yeah why? Clerk 1: The candy is organized by color again. Clerk 1: dammit Janet

Actual quote I overheard my 7yo daughter say when she met someone at the park today. "I'm Isabella. I'm good at gymnastics and fighting to the death."

Overheard in Chicago Institute of Art: Small child, reading description of painting: Grandma, what's a brothel? Grandma, after enormous pause: it's the place where they make soup THIS IS BOTH THE BEST AND ALSO THE MOST RUIN-YOUR-LIFE-FOREVER ANSWER POSSIBLE

Sitting beside an old couple on the train & over heard the wife saying “Go back to your ex then” & then the husband replied saying “We have been married for 40 years now. Can you drop it already” HAHAHA THAT’S ME AS A WIFE!

At Target I overheard a kid with their family say “What is the B word?” And their parent just shrugged and said “I don’t know, sorry.” The kid repeated this question a few times and the parent feigned ignorance and finally the kid sighed and said “Maybe the B bread.”

“So do you live here?” “No, I’m a eccentric millionaire who flies into Chicago for my bartending shifts.”

I just overheard two girls talking abt coffee: one of them said they don’t drink it and the other says in a mean tone, ‘wow, you’re so edgy and cool!’ the one who doesn’t drink it quietly says, ‘it’s because I have a heart condition.’ the way you could hear a pin drop after that

Just overheard someone say we're closer to the year 2050 than 1990 and I’m going to be mentally checked out for the rest of the day to try to process that as I’m feeling personally attacked.

just overheard a guy walk into the bathroom and say "showtime" to himself as he sat down on the toilet

Yesterday I overheard my two year old son saying “Are you sure this is a good idea” and my five year old son replying “Trust me” and I have never moved from one room to another so quickly in my life

Overheard in the cafeteria today - “Don’t ostracize librarians; they are like the bees, once they are gone we have nothing.”

overheard, coming from upstairs , "ALEXA JUST DO SOMETHING JESUS CHRIST"

Overheard fifth grade boy wisdom: "dude, everyone's house but your own smells weird."

Overheard some kid in target tell their guardian “we came here for three things, why do we have so much stuff in our cart” and I’ve never related to something more

Just overheard a very sad inner monologue from a man in the grocery store, standing in front of the ice cream section, who asked himself aloud “do I want ice cream? .... *pause* .. do I deserve ice cream ? No.”

Overheard in lab meeting: “we can’t build that, I don’t wanna end up on black mirror”

I once overheard the cop who pulled me over whisper into his radio "not our guy. This one's got pants"

It is so nice when toxic people stop talking to you. It is like the trash took itself out.

6 thoughts on “Funny Overheard Conversations People Couldn’t Help But Share”

  1. All those parent sentences must be true, because surely, a two years old kid can say a grammatically correct 8 words long warning sentence.

  2. At the beginning I was all for the shaming of ‚toxic people‘. But slowly I understand that this phrase stands for anyone who has a different opinion than my own or is not unconditionally accepting my ‚royal a**holeness’ as something cute and adorable.
    And it kind of makes me feel uncomfortable.

  3. This is an actual conversation I heard a couple of teenagers say.
    Girl: Why were you staring at the guy’s ass?
    Boy: Bitch, it was all I could see.

  4. I was in class this one time and I was doing my assignment, and I just randomly heard this: “Apparently I have two vaginas because I consumed my twin in the womb.

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