37 thoughts on “So a Whole Fully Cooked Chicken In a Can Is a Thing…”

  1. These are so delicious and hard to find. I highly recommend. Don’t let these pics scare you.. you can make any cooked chicken look gross if you smash it up enough.

  2. Ha! I want to see you capture and kill and skin the chicken from scratch like my Kentucky Mamaw did in the 70’s.

  3. I’ve never skinned a chicken. Like your Grammy I’ll n the 70s but in have plucked the female there off one lmao

  4. There’s really no excuse to not cook a chicken if you have appliances in your kitchen. It’s as easy as frying an egg, only a moron would mess it up.

  5. I am reminded of the episode of M*A*S*H where Winchester and Hot Lips split a whole canned pheasant. It’s not good for doctors and nurses to pass out in the operating room in a war zone.

  6. I have had this many times. I like fresh cooked chicken my self. How ever this is not that bad. But for the cost of it, it would be cheaper to make it, ones self. As for someones remark: only in America!. I take it you do not get around much. I have seen much worse then this from many other country’s. Try some Surströmming. If you don’t know what it is, look it up.

  7. I discovered this while living in a small town in northwest Iowa nearly 30 years ago. It was probably the best chicken you could get in those parts.

  8. Mmmm looks appetising … not! I’m sorry but to those of you who recommend eating this tripe you’re either lazy or deluded or maybe both… chicken in a can…wtf!!

  9. yummmyyy…and on a side note I have caught, wrung the neck of, plucked and cooked a chicken….deeeelicccious……………………

  10. As a kid living in bush Alaska, canned meat, including a Chicken was the best you could get at times. They have a long shelf life, and can be used for many different recipes. We also had canned Butter, canned Bacon, and of course canned Ham. Both the Bacon and the Ham were imports from Denmark, and they were damn good. I suppose some of you would faint at the thought of having Spam too. I grew up on this stuff.

  11. The cooking left a lot to be desired.

    The chicken was packed in chicken fat – just as duck breasts are packed in duck fat to make “Duck Confit,” this was a chicken confit.

    Canning poultry in its own fat was one of the first methods used for preservation.

  12. This is the best of the best especially when making g home made chicken and noodles my family can’t wait for the holidays so I can make it they love it the broth is what makes the noodles taste a great as it is. I do t care what people think unless you try it don’t knock it. It is the hit of all my holiday dinners.

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