The Funniest Animal Comics by Jimmy Craig

It’s often difficult to understand the behaviour of animals and the reasons why they act as they do. Illustrator and book author Jimmy Craig has created a whole series of funny comic strips that explains how animals actually see the events that happen to them. They calls this series “They Can Talk” and you can get the full collection by buying Jimmy’s book. Meanwhile scroll down to see some of the funniest examples!

Funny animal comic by Jimmy Craig.

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Lamb Cake Fail Gallery: When Easter Baking Goes Wrong

An Easter lamb cake is a traditional dessert commonly prepared and enjoyed during the Easter season, particularly in Western cultures. It typically consists of a cake baked in the shape of a lamb, often decorated with frosting or icing to resemble the lamb’s wool and facial features. But what happens when people who know nothing about baking attempt to make this delicious treat? They fail miserably and end on this site. Scroll down to check out the worst of the worst!

Lamb cake fail.

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The Funniest Single-Panel Alien Comics by Roger Phillips

It all started in 1947, when Roger Phillips, as a young art student, was accidentally granted permission to enter the top secret facility near Roswell, New Mexico at Groom Lake – better known as Area 51. For many years, he studied the extraterrestrial aliens being held at the base. He observed their behaviors, befriended them, learned from them and eventually understood them. These cartoons is the result of that remarkable experience. Scroll down to see our favorties and check out Roger’s book for full collection!

Alien cartoon by Roger Phillips.

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The Funniest Single-Panel Comics by Maritsa Patrinos (Part 2)

Maritsa Patrinos is a Brooklyn-based illustrator, designer, and creative strategist. She has gained recognition for her work in various online and offline publications, and is an author of Common Blessings / Common Curses book that you can find on Amazon. Patrinos often explores themes of everyday life, pop culture, and social commentary through her cartoons. Scroll down to check out some of our favorites and don’t forget to visit Part 1 too!

Cartoon by Maritsa Patrinos.

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50 Brilliant “Shower Thoughts” That Will Brake Your Mind

Sometimes when we are doing trivial things, like taking a shower, our minds begin an involuntary brainstorming session and we come up with the most brilliant ideas and, at times, weirdest thoughts. These ideas are commonly called “shower thoughts”, and we have collected the best of them here. Scroll down and don’t forget to leave your very own “shower thought” in the comments!

1. Brushing your teeth is the only time you clean your skeleton.

2. Gummy worms have more bones in them than actual worms.

3. We don’t check the refrigerator multiple times to find new food, we check to see if our standards have dropped enough to eat what was available.

4. Security at every level of an airport is absolutely crazy… Until you get to the baggage claim. Then it’s just like take whatever bag you want.

5. Biting your tongue while eating is a perfect example of how you can still screw up, even with decades of experience.

6. Watching a graduation ceremony is like sitting through a movie that’s entirely end credits.

7. There is no physical evidence to say that today is Sunday, we all just have to trust that someone has kept count since the first one ever.

8. The first person who inhaled helium must have been very relieved when the effects wore off.

9. People who don’t understand how Clark Kent can pass as Superman have never seen Tony Hawk without a skateboard.

10. Wikipedia built the biggest modern information hub using nothing but nerds’ need to correct each other.

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The Funniest Single-Panel Comics by Maritsa Patrinos

Maritsa Patrinos is a Brooklyn-based illustrator, designer, and creative strategist. She has gained recognition for her work in various publications, including The New Yorker, The New York Times, BuzzFeed, and has published a book Common Blessings / Common Curses that you can find on Amazon. Patrinos often explores themes of everyday life, pop culture, and social commentary through her cartoons. Scroll down to check out some of our favorites!

Cartoon by Maritsa Patrinos.

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Awkward Easter Family Photos: Hilarious And Creepy

Death and resurrection may not be the most traumatizing thing about Easter, and contrary to popular belief, a man in a bunny suit and small children are not always a good match. Everything about these awkward Easter family photos is wrong. And the poor kids can feel it. Note to parents: please don’t make Easter family photos. Ever.

Awkward Easter family photo.

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The Funniest Single-Panel Comics by Mark Lynch

Mark Lynch is a cartoonist known for his work in the field of editorial cartoons. He has contributed to various newspapers and online platforms, often providing satirical commentary on current events, politics, and social issues through his artwork. In his own words, “I enjoy simply the ability to draw something that others could understand and at times, laugh about. I see things in a way that brings a smile to my face, then attempt to interpret them onto paper, then onto my computer to bring them to life.” Mark Lynch has also published a few books that you can check out if you like his style of humor. Meanwhile, scroll down to see our favorite picks!

Cartoon by Mark Lynch.

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Emotional Support Rubber Chicken Is Here For You

Are you too chicken to be vulnerable? No, you are not. Need a friend? Yes, you do. Going through a rough time? We all do. How about an emotional support rubber chicken? We all need someone to lean on, but when you lean on this 13″ (33 cm) soft vinyl rubber chicken, it squawks its support loudly. It even comes with extra wide empathetic eyes and is wearing a removable nylon vest that designates it as an official emotional support chicken.

Emotional support rubber chicken.

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Creepy Easter Bunnies That Will Give You Nightmares

Vintage Easter bunnies take creepiness to a whole new level. First off, let’s talk about their faces. Those beady, soulless eyes stare into the depths of your very being, as if they know all your secrets and are silently judging you for every chocolate egg you’ve ever devoured. Then there’s the matter of their attire and unnerving posture. It’s like they raided the costume department and chose the most worn out costume, then decided to sit hunched over like they’re plotting world domination or at least contemplating a murder. Scroll down to see what we’re talking about!

Creepy Easter bunny that will give you nightmares.

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Funny Links From Around The Internet

The Freaky Freaks of The Underground World – Self-awareness? Never heard of her. Unless… some of these folks just like the attention.

30 Amazing Little-Known Animal Facts – These 100% true and not fake at all animal facts will blow your mind. It’s always exciting to find out new information about the amazing world around us!

Funny And Creepy Mascot Costume Fails – When looking at these abominations, only one question comes to mind: “What the hell were they thinking by approving this crap?!”

20 Hilarious Bumper Stickers – Sometimes you just feel the need to spread your message to the world and what better way to do that on the cheap than with a bumper sticker?

Design Fails That Destroy Common Sense – Makes you wonder how those designs even made it to mass production…

Huge Crocheted Penis Blanket – Cozy up next to the fire pit with a warm, cuddly… cock and balls? Why not.

“But… You’re a Horse” Romance Novel – The most amazing love story you’ll ever read… Actually it’s a varied collection of gags, anecdotes, and pranks that have nothing whatsoever to do with the cover.

20 Funniest “That’s What She Said!” Photos – This was really hard. I almost pulled out. I was up all night doing it. It’s long but I hope it will leave you satisfied.

Weird And Creepy Trump Photo Collages – You might find these photo collages disturbing, but you also might be unable to turn your eyes away.

Maternity Photos of Guys With Beer Bellies – BBQs. Pizza. Beer. It’s that time of the season when you might notice some of your male pals… expecting?

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The Funniest Single-Panel Comics by Clive Goddard

Clive Goddard is a British cartoonist known for his humorous and often satirical cartoons. He has been contributing cartoons to various publications for many years, his cartoons cover a wide range of topics, from politics and current affairs to everyday life. He’s also an author of book series Fintan Fedora (The World’s Worst Explorer) – it’s a children’s fiction, partly inspired by his own love of travel and disastrous experiences. Scroll down to check out the funniest examples of Clive’s cartoons!

Cartoon by Clive Goddard.

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