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How Many Meeting Achievement Stickers Can You Collect? – How was your week? Did you find ways to avoid the void of responsibilities at your cold, bleak workplace? Dick around in a meeting maybe rather than pay attention!? If so, you could be eligible for a meeting achievement sticker!

It’s Not a Myth: Blinker Fluid Really Exists! – Are your blinkers feeling a little sluggish? Do they seem like they’re on the brink of giving up? Well, have no fear! Introducing the all-new, revolutionary blinker fluid!

Things People Learned Embarrassingly Late In Life – Many people have experienced the embarrassment of realizing something they should have known earlier in life. From a basic life skill, historical fact, or a common social norm, these late-in-life revelations can range from amusing to mortifying.

Painful Memes That People Over 30 Can Relate To – Becoming older is not easy. Everything hurts and half the time you don’t even understand what teens are talking about. And don’t even get us started on the dating scene…

Package Thief Gets a Taste of His Own Medicine – Stealing Amazon packages from porches may seem like a lucrative job, but it comes with some risks…

The 11 Most Devastating Insults of All-Time – Someone searched the internet for the most rotten, nasty and devastating insults he could find and distilled the list down to the top eleven. Good job!

Wholesome Videos Guaranteed To Make You Feel Better – How’s you day? How’s your week? Maybe the whole month or year hasn’t really been all that amazing? These videos might cheer you up.

The 6 Funniest Cat Videos of All Time – You have to admit there isn’t anything much better in life than a funny cat video.

All Entries of Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022 – These photos are so good, they’re bound to make you laugh. Can’t wait for the 2023 awards…

People Trying To Fit Their Whole Hands Into Their Own Mouths – There are pointless internet trends, there are dumb internet trends, and then there’s this: people trying to fit their whole hand into their mouth for internet fame…

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This Facebook Group Is Recreating Paintings Using Common Household Items

Facebook group Izoizolyacia (translates as Isolation) started when Covid-19 restrictions forced everyone to stay at home. To not go completely crazy, people decided to come together and recreate paintings using only common household items. Even though the Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted, this Facebook is still going strong and keeps publishing new isolation art recreations almost every day.

Funny art recreation.

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20 Funny Valentine’s Day Cards To Make Your Partner Laugh

Each Valentine’s Day, you have two choices: you can take the romantic approach, or you can head straight for the funny bone and make them laugh. If the second approach sounds good to you, scroll down to check out 20 funny Valentine’s Day cards guaranteed to get you laid!

I hate you the least.

I hate you the least might not sound like the most romantic phrase in the world, but in some relationships, it’s the highest compliment you can give. Think about it, if you truly hate someone, you don’t want to spend any time with them. But if you tell your significant other “I hate you the least,” it means that out of all the people in the world, they’re the one you can tolerate the most.

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Horror Movies Turned Into Comedies by Adding Hot Pizza

Everybody loves a good horror movie but you’ve probably never once imagined what it would look like if the people screaming were just eating a hot slice of pizza? Well, these scary horror flicks turn into hilarious comedies. After seeing this gallery, horror movies will never be the same. Now, whenever you’re scared you will just imagine them eating pizza. You’re welcome!

Add a hot slice of pizza to turn horror movie into a comedy.

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Indoor Cat Reactions To Going Outside For The First Time

When indoor cats finally go outside for the first time, it’s like watching a fish flop around on land. They’re all like “whoa, so this is what fresh air feels like? It’s…breezy. And what’s with all the grass? It’s like a giant kitty litter box. And snow? More like cold death. I’m over it, let’s go back inside and cuddle up with a heating pad”. Scroll down to see the best examples and try not to laugh at their misery!

Indoor cat going outside for the first time.

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20 Funny Coffee Mugs All Your Coworkers Will Envy

Why settle for a boring coffee mug when you can start your day with a laugh? A funny coffee mug is a great conversation starter! Imagine the look on your co-worker’s face when they see you sipping from a mug that says “You have just been poisoned” or “I am a ray of f***ing sunshine”. Scroll down to check out our top picks for the “Funniest coffee mug of all time” award!

Freak in the sheets Excel coffee mug.

Are you a freak in the sheets? Well now you could be a freak in the Excel sheets with this coffee mug. Would also be a great gift for the accountant with a sense of humor. Do accountants with a sense of humor even exist? We are not sure…

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Funny Cat Portraits by Catographer Nils Jacobi

Photographer Nils Jacobi, who refers to himself as a “catographer”, offers a diverse and comprehensive view of our beloved furballs through his expanding collection of adorable cat photographs. The pictures in his portfolio range from sophisticated to comical and brilliantly reveal the unique character of each cat. Scroll down to see some of his best work!

Cat portraits by catographer Nils Jacobi.

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Shittens: Disposable Mitten-Shaped Toilet Paper Alternative

Ladies and gentlemen, forget about those ancient toilet paper rolls. The new hot item in town is the toilet paper mittens called Shittens! Now you can wipe your behind in style without the unbearable struggle to hold a piece of toilet paper. This is the ultimate bathroom accessory. Don’t be the last one on your block to upgrade to the toilet paper mittens! This should be a top priority right up there with wearing sunscreen and planning for retirement.

Shittens is a great invention!

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Funny Advertisements On Vehicles Fails

You would think that ad company employees consider a lot of things when coming up with an idea for mobile advertising. But what happens when these same employees are lazy or simply bad at their job? This. This happens. Their work ends up on a site called “Sad And Useless”. Scroll down to see the funniest examples!

Car ad fail.

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This Sling Bag Will Turn Your Cat Into a Ferocious Lion

Don’t let those fluffy fur coats and adorable meows fool you, folks. Deep down inside, every cat is just a ferocious lion waiting to be unleashed. Just try to take away their catnip or not give them their daily dose of belly rubs and you’ll see what we mean. They may seem like cute little house pets, but they’re secretly plotting to take over the world and and dreaming to become an apex predator to enslave us all. With this sling bag you can make you cat’s dream come true without risking your life.

Cat lion sling bag.

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Behind The Scenes of Old Godzilla Movies

Old Godzilla movies are often considered funny because of their low-budget special effects and campy acting. It was decades before believable CGI after all. The Godzilla suit worn by the actor, the miniature buildings used in the destruction scenes, and the use of rear-projection during the film all contribute to the film’s comedic elements. Additionally, the cultural and societal differences between the time the films were made and the present day can also add to the humor. Scroll down to see some of the funniest examples!

Godzilla: behind the scenes.

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Funny And Relatable Tweets About New Year’s Resolutions

“Once upon a time, there was a person who made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight and hit the gym. However, as the days passed, this person found themselves constantly reaching for pizza and binge-watching Netflix.” Sounds familiar? You are not alone. Scroll down to see the funniest takes on “New year, new me!” approach!

here is my new year's resolution

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This Artist Creates The World’s Weirdest 3D Art

Brian Tessler is a 3D artist based in Brooklyn, New York. He is the mastermind behind of Cool 3D World project that features surreal, distorted, and absurd pictures. Do you think this is legit art or he’s just doing it for the sake of being weird? If this indeed is legit art, what is he trying to say? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

Very weird 3D art.

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Cats With Cartoon Eyes Are Hilarious!

Cats with cartoon eyes are a comedic masterpiece that never fails to make us laugh. Some of them look surprised, some angry, and some like they are plotting to kill you in your sleep, but all of them – hilarious! Scroll down to see the best examples!

Cats with cartoon eyes are hilarious!

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