Funny Shoplifting Signs That Will Scare Away Shoplifters

Shoplifting (the art of acquiring free stuff without paying) is the equivalent of trying to pull a magic trick without the actual magic. It’s like performing a disappearing act, except the only thing that’s vanishing is your good judgment. And let’s not forget about karma! Do you really want to reborn as a unicorn with a phobia of rainbows in the next life? Hopefully these funny shoplifting signs will save you from such an unfortunate fate.

Funny shoplifting sign.

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Monkey Tail Beard: Best Or Worst Facial Hairstyle?

It’s not easy to be a fashionable man in this day and age when everything changes so fast. Regular boring beard is no longer enough. Now you have to grow monkey tail beard to keep up with the times! The monkey tail beard is a bold statement, a conversation starter, and a source of endless amusement. But it’s also a serious commitment. It’s not for the faint of heart or the clean-shaven conformists. You need dedication and a sense of adventure to let your facial resemble a monkey’s butt. Are you brave enough to join these men? Let us know in the comments below!

Monkey tail beard.

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Dinosaur Statues: Hilariously Terrible Dinosaur Park Fails

Dinosaurs might not have ruled the Earth in the 20th century, but they were represented by dinosaur statues that are so bad, they’re hilarious. We’re not sure behind the reason of these fails – lack of artistic skill, or lack of knowledge of what dinosaurs actually looked like. Either way, it’s worth scrolling down and checking out them all.

Dinosaur statue fail.

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Dogs Wearing Bread Masks: Inbread Dogs

What to do when your boredom reaches peak levels? Some people count the grains of sand on the beach, organize their sock drawers by color, or even perfect the art of staring into empty space. If you’re wondering what dog owners do when they are bored, wonder no more. They have found out a way to create inbread dogs by making masks for their dogs out of bread. Scroll down to see the funniest examples!

Inbread dog.

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People Recreate Paintings With Stuff They Can Find at Home

Sitting at home with no idea what to do to entertain yourself? Even if you don’t go out to enjoy art in museums, that doesn’t mean that life has to be boring or uncultured. You can recreate a famous artworks at home using just a sock, a roll of aluminum foil, and a rubber duck… or any other random mix of common household items. Let this gallery be an inspiration. Scroll down and get ready to embark on a wildly creative journey of DIY masterpieces!

Recreated art.

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Bread Slippers Are Here To Satisfy Your Hunger For Style!

Loafing around will take on a whole new meaning once you spend a day vegging around your home in bread slippers. These funny slippers are styled like two light and fluffy loafs of bread that look like they just came out of the oven. Picture this: you wake up in the morning, stretch your arms, slip your feet into the warm embrace of freshly baked bread, and go to the kitchen to make a fresh cup of coffee. No more uncomfortable shoes, the future of fashion and comfort are these gluten-intolerant bread slippers! It’s not just a fashion statement, it’s a lifestyle choice. Once you turn your feet into loaves of bread, there’s no going back.

Bread slippers.

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Pug Loaf: Pugs That Look Like Loaves of Bread

We’ve recently stumbled upon a delightful phenomenon that we couldn’t keep to myself. Have you ever noticed that pugs often look like adorable loaves of bread? It’s a funny mix of cuteness and carb overload that simply can’t be ignored! It’s official: pug loaf is the bread baking at its cutest. Scroll down to see for yourself! …And apologies in advance to anyone who’s gluten-intolerant.

Pug loaf.

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Ugly Babies That Look Like Middle-Aged Men

While every baby is cute and charming in their own way (not really, ugly babies is a thing), some of them come out looking so old that you might mistakenly call them “Sir.” Have no idea what the hell we’re talking about? Scroll down and try to ask yourself if you’re really looking at a baby, or a middle-aged man who is very disappointed with the fact that Gen Z is ruining the world.

Ugly babies is a harsh reality.

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Cat Head Massager Is The Cutest Thing Ever

Once you’ve reached the optimal crazy cat lady status, there comes a time in your life where you think it’s necessary to start massaging your cat’s head. Luckily, someone has already created a cat head massager, and it is most likely the most specific niche product you could think of. If your cat didn’t love you before, rest assured he will love you now. Your cat will be so thankful for the head massage that he might even ignore you for less time throughout the day, and if you’re really lucky, your cat may even acknowledge your existence. Or you can use it on yourself if you have a particularly small head.

Cat head massager.

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Funny Coincidences When People Matched With Subway Signs

There are two ways to think about these perfectly matching subway signs: either it’s just a pure coincidence… or we actually live in a matrix that glitches from time to time. Sometimes you see someone sit down in front of a sign that resembles them almost perfectly, and you end up wondering if you accidentally stumbled into an episode of “Black Mirror” or “The Twilight Zone”. Scroll down for some of the weirdest coincidences that passengers have ever spotted on subway, as featured by the @SubwayCreatures Instagram account!

Perfectly matched with a subway sign.

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AI-Generated Images: Trump And Biden Being Best Friends

“Orange man with tiny hands…”, “Sleepy Joe who sniffs hair…” We have heard it all from both republican and democratic voters. The insults are flying left and right. Wouldn’t it be great if we all could just put our differences aside, and come together to enjoy life as friends? If Joe Biden and Donald Trump can do it, why can’t we? At least in AI-generated world that’s possible.

AI-generated image of Biden and Trump as best friends.

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