28 thoughts on “Looking At People Trying To Sell Mirrors Is My New Favorite Thing”

  1. It’s harder than it looks, but using a tripod and angling the mirror with an appropriate background is key.

  2. im still trying to figure out how the guy in picture 11 ended up with his leg not only halfway up his body but not even connected lmfao and how the other person took the photo with their oot

  3. Ariel, as the mirrors all appear to be at different angles each one would give a different view, hope this solves your dilemma

  4. Some phones let you say “click” and it will take the photo. So maybe holding it with the foot and saying’ click’ is what she did.

  5. Some great photos Debz, like the one of the fat guy with no clothes on taking his own picture lol hope you and your family are all ok, can’t wait for the sunnier weather to come, I’m chuffed at the moment as got my driving licence back yesterday morning after 6 months ban, mind Derriford didn’t help, as they wouldn’t fill in the forms sent by the DVLA they kept saying they hadn’t received them, but finally they found them from last November and filled them in. So I’m mobile again, going to put my bloody bus pass into retirement again lol Lynne xxx

  6. I wonder if they are selling those mirrors because they are haunted and might have ghosts like bloody mary in them lol

  7. I love the guy with the neck brace taking pics of the car side mirrors. Wonder if one had to do with the other!!!

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