17 thoughts on “Ridiculous 1970s Male Underwear Ads”

  1. “sexier than lingerie,” is cute. Men can wear whatever they want. Though, I wouldn’t recommend lounging in that much mesh netting on the floor of what looks to be a vaudevillian performer’s gymnasium.

  2. So that’s where Luke Skywalker was, before coming to his uncle! (top right image on page).

  3. Good evidence for “the case against ordinary looking people doing modeling”.
    Only the abnormally beautiful should be allowed to model or be film stars. The rest of us can do other things.

  4. The weirdest for me was the bodysuit…until i mentioned those to my dad and he said “oh yeah…they really were a thing! If a guy wanted to show off his muscles, it was the way to go!” CRAZY!

  5. If anything, I can’t help but feel sad for the passing of an era. A number of these seem to be from the Sears Roebuck catalog, which for those of us who can remember the pre-Amazon era, used to be an institution of American life.

    Unfortunately, Sears, like other American icons of old, has been bled dry over the years by private equity vampires like Eddy Lambert’s ESL Equities among others and is no more.

  6. I get how styles change and all but what’s with the ugly guy models? I don’t ever remember that being a thing.

  7. And what is so wrong with that? It looks normal. That is how it should be — average/good/bad/whatever looking people doing modelling. Men not being afraid to show that they can be sexy and funny, and masculine or feminine too. Is this not something acceptable in today’s society of the US of A?

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