32 thoughts on “Ridiculous Album Covers of 1970s Swedish Bands”

  1. It’s dark a lot of the time in Sweden so they need something to brighten their lives up 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. The Guardian ran a story explaining ABBA’s costumes several years ago. Here’s a clip:

    [The] reason for their bold fashion choices lay not just in the pop glamour of the late 70s and early 80s, but also in the Swedish tax code. . . the band’s style was influenced in part by laws that allowed the cost of outfits to be deducted against [income] tax – so long as the costumes were so outrageous they could not possibly be worn on the street.

  3. Hey, respect, I would use any of those outfits on the street. Sure pay the taxes too, i`m such a good citizen.!

  4. Looked up some of these artists on Apple Music, and much as I suspected the music is equally as cheeseball as the outfits.

  5. Hey Anonymus! You are right! It was Omega VIII LP Csillagok útján / Skyrover album from 1978

  6. Man, the level of flammability of these costumes is off the scale! Better have the fire department on speed dial…one spark and those folks are goin’ up like gangbusters…!

  7. What I found most curious is that there is just ONE woman in all these pictures… and here I thought Sweden was far more egalitarian…

  8. 1. are you sure there is only one woman? 2. except for the one woman, all other females refused to wear these clown suits.

  9. holy shit !
    Grew up in Sweden during those years – none of these bands were well known. But you can kind of guess the year and the intedended listeners for the different bands
    Outdoor photo – older listeners.
    Width of shirt-collar maxed out at a specific year etc.

  10. One is inaccurate: Omega is a Hungarian epic rock ban. Kanye West even stole a music fragment from them in his awful track “New Slaves”.

    But I can agree, they look just as crazy as the the other bands in the collection 🤭

  11. What will leggings and tunics that are standard street ware for women look like in 10-20 years.
    A costume?

  12. Everyone’s talkin’ bout my tight pants!
    I got my tight pants!!
    Got my tight pants ON!

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