17 thoughts on “The Saddest, Most Depressing Playgrounds Ever”

  1. At least they tried.Some of the wood sculptures show at least some time spent to provide for children.The neighborhood parks where I live are developed according to the immediate blocks income level.The well off parks are sweet,.The parks in the lower income neighborhoods are sometimes as sad as the above.
    Make the minimum wage $200 a day and tax the rich until they are dead!

  2. I was originally going to share this as hilarious….then the sad part kicked in and it wasn’t funny any more. There are probably a lot of children living in poverty and this is all they have. Very sad.

  3. 200$ a day and taxing the rich (when not killing them) is exactly what gave you those playgrounds. What I call tetanus traps. Plaguegrounds.

  4. An adult might find any or all of these playgrounds ugly and grotesque. However, in the eyes of a child, I’d be willing to bet that the’re simply whimsical.

  5. Comrade Tomasz the Lokomotivsky is my favorite. He’s the Little Engine That Literally Can’t Even! His motto? “Weep, children, for life is pain. Mourn for the living and envy the dead.”

    Was Comrade Tomasz the influence for the song by Guns and Roses, Night Train? I always thought the song was about the brand of bum wine…

  6. Most of these are a sad commentary on how people tried to give children something and in many cases failed. But then I came on pic #20 (Giant slide man) and I wish I would have had him growing up. He’s awesome!

  7. Most of these are Russian playgrounds.
    Kinda says, well, everything about Russian lifestyle doesn’t it?

    (Was married to a Russian, so I’m speaking from experience)

  8. There has to be one spot for a playground in #Zagorska Sela croatia, where there are just couple of kids items, in the ditch, next to metal worker and rubbish all around.

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