The World’s Greatest Gallery of Wet Owls

Do owls like getting wet? If it’s on their terms, absolutely! But these majestic specimens however had no desire to soak under the rain. Scroll down to enjoy their anger, misery, and sadness.

Wet owl hiding under a mushroom.


Pissed off angry wet owl looking at you.

Bad haircut day for this wet owl.

This owl is not happy about such nonsense.

This is unacceptable owl abuse. Totally unacceptable!

This owl clearly doesn't like water.

Don't you just feel sorry for this poor wet creature?

Wet owls under a leaf.

Angry wet owl.

Sad little wet owl.

Wet owl on a pole.

World's saddest wet owl on a pole.

Adorable wet owl.

Cute wet owl.

Grumpy wet owl.

Is this wet owl suffering from hangover?

This owl is very pissed about being wet.

Not all owls are waterproof.

Wet owl on a pole.

Amazing haircut owl.



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  1. nora November 8, 2018

    i love owls

  2. Witch November 8, 2018

    I ******* love owls too

  3. Harry Potter November 8, 2018

    Kill the scum, wet or dry!!!

  4. Anonymous November 10, 2018

    They are Gods creatures and absolutely gorgeous. They are definately not sad and useless..maybe when wet! Stunning photography.

  5. Sambler November 16, 2018

    Looks like a moist owlet

  6. Pete November 17, 2018

    A lot of these are staged – not natural photos at all and it’s a shame people find it necessary to turn a hosepipe on a wild creature just to get a ‘funny’ pic.

  7. Anonymous November 20, 2018

    16 be like wtf you doing with my girl

  8. Lord Voldemort November 20, 2018

    number3 is me when i wake up

  9. pixl January 21, 2019


  10. Anonymous January 22, 2019

    They can’t hunt in the rain. They need to hear their prey.

  11. Anonymous January 23, 2019

    Ex-Falconer here. They occasionally need bathing. And they generally enjoy it.

  12. Frank Bullitt December 19, 2019

    Harry Potter – You’re a loser

  13. Anonymous June 30, 2020

    I think one was not an owl. Its was grumpy cat I swear.

  14. Anonymous October 5, 2020

    … My brother accidentaly found the wet owl gallery while looking for some mature content…

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