Ninja Cats

The ancient Japanese martial art of ninjutsu may now lie completely forgotten by humans, but modern cats still carry the torch of the ninja, as their ability to hide in unexpected places and scratch people is unparalleled.

Cat ninja.


Ninja cat stalking his prey.

Ninja cat in practice.

Ninja kitten getting ready to attack.

Can you find a cat in this picture?

Japanese ninja cat in training.

Perfectly hidden ninja cat.

Ninja cat hiding from dog.

Master of camouflage.

Ninja cats in action.

Ninja cat.

Stealth level: ninja.

Ninja cats.

Ninja cat hiding and getting ready to attack.

Masters of camouflage.

Cat stealing candy.

Ninja cat camouflage.

Hidden ninja cat.

Japanese ninja cat.

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  1. Anonymous February 18, 2019

    Where is the kitteh in the 5th picture (with the big TV screen)?

  2. Anonymous February 18, 2019

    Look really closely. There’s a black cat, with his eyes closed, sitting up tall, in front of the TV, left of center.

  3. Kaz February 19, 2019

    Thank goodness somebody asked that question!

  4. Anonymous February 20, 2019

    yes, cats are experts in hiding, my cats also instinctively chose a background the same colour as their fur!

  5. Anonymous February 20, 2019

    yes, I saw the black cat but I had to look closely.

  6. Steel Rat February 28, 2019

    The one with the cat kicking the dog in the side of the head is fake. Photoshop.

  7. ningacat March 16, 2019

    there all soooo cuuuuuteee!!! just the biggest aww to all of them

  8. ningacat March 16, 2019

    u know da cat on da stairs and da 1 beside da cat on da stairs #ninga canoflage

  9. ningacat March 16, 2019

    the black cat looks like my cat Money he has nose cancer

  10. Anonymous April 16, 2019

    undertale fans:its an inconspicuous lamp!

  11. Anonymous February 23, 2020

    Hope those diapers were clean.

  12. Duffy March 11, 2020

    Thanks to whoever saw the black cat by the TV. I had to go back before I saw his feet next to the yellow box!

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