Funny Surgical Masks

Beyond the illness, the hospital may be a traumatic experience. To help patients play down these difficult situations, designers Jyo John Mulloor and Irina Blok has created a series of funny surgical masks that turn doctors, surgeons, parents and kids into offbeat characters and animals.

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Photos of Real Life Angry Birds

Ossi Saarinen is a Finnish nature photographer who has been photographing different types of wild animals in Finnish nature but his bird photos always the ones making everyone “awww”. Somehow many birds appear in his photos as real-life versions of Angry Birds. They are grumpy, cute and funny at the same time.

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Dark Humor Animations by Kajetan Obarski

Kajetan Obarski is an Amsterdam-based animator who specialises in turning artistic masterpieces into spectacularly surreal short animations.

I just collect objects, paintings, pictures from the public domain and then I create animations. I do my own photos and my own digital works for animations too.

As you can see, the results are glorious:

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