13 thoughts on “Painfully True Facts About Our Lives”

  1. Clearly someone hasn’t looked at data on Philosophy Majors. They do really well and don’t typically end up in academia nor on welfare.

  2. It is said that the philosopher, Thales of Miletus, invented the option as a financial instrument to illustrate that philosophy was useful and that philosophers could become rich if they wanted to. It is said he was challenged by an acquaintance, who remarked that if Thales was such a smart philosopher, why was he not rich. Hence, Thales, upon learning that the weather would permit a bumper crop of olives, he bought the right to use all the local olive presses that year and later sold that right to local growers at much higher prices when the harvest came in. This made him a very rich man. Hence, there is no reason that a philosophy major cannot become rich..or at least find gainful employment in anything he/she wants to do.

  3. Plato – you are quite right in most cases. Philosophers can be insufferable wankers at times. However, they can be great fun at parties when you get them drunk!

  4. Do not rest your case on Diogenes. His back is out of whack from carrying that misbegotten fire in a box.

  5. Diogenes was wandering about the streets of Athens with a lantern. A passer-by asked him, “What are you doing?” He replied, “I’m looking for an honest man.” The passer-by said, “But that’s my lantern.”

  6. As a philosophy major this it totally wrong. The third option is CLEARLY working in retail. i’m living proof of that. Or fast food. I do agree with the insufferableness when banging on about some concept, but also the value it teaches being very application vocationally. Anyway, have a nice day. #WhoActuallyCaresWhatYourMajorWasOnceYouveLandedYourFirstJobAnyway

  7. Well if philosophy doesn’t work out, keep your chin up. You can always major in a dead language, gender studies or renaissance studies…to name a few.

  8. If you major in philosophy, you are uniquely qualified to fish the condoms from the pools of people with engineering degrees.

  9. Perhaps the metaphysical debate could be avoided were we to substitute Art History majors for Philosophy majors?

    Purely in the interests of keeping the peace…

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