112 thoughts on “Meanwhile In Chernobyl: Instagram Influencers Flocking To The Site of The Disaster”

  1. Wow, I can’t believe that I wasted time to look at these, then wasted even more to comment. I must be REALLY bored.

  2. Complete level of stupidity do these people realise in 20 to 40 years they will be Dead its sealed off for a reason

  3. These young people are asking for problems when attempting to procreate. In fact I hope they are now all sterile. Nobody deserves stupid parents – no one! It reminds me of those people who use to drink radioactive beverages thinking that it was healthy. One rich guy’s jaw fell off as a result of this consumption. Then the government took it off the market.

  4. What the F is an influencer? Are they self appointed? On the bright side, hopefully the residual radiation has made them infertile and the dumb dies with them, as they make duck lips and stupid hand gestures to the stranger emptying their bedpan in the nursing home.

  5. “Hey, you know this area where millions of people died, most of them slowly and horribly, begging for death, and how millions of people will never see their loved ones again? yeah, let’s do some photo shoots of how much of a narcissist i am there!!!”
    These people would probably do the same in the french catacombs

  6. Most of these look like fashion shoots, of all things. And who walks around barefoot in a disaster area?!

  7. Walking barefoot is the most dangerous practice. In most of these areas, Concrete and steel do not readily release radiation, so unless you are closer to more woods and soft things, there is little danger…….. but PLEASE bring a dosimeter with you so you can determine where is safe and where is NOT safe!!

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