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  1. First, the title should be Squating Russians. Slavs are also Poles, Czechs, Croats, etc. and I havent seen such trends in those countries.
    Squating is probably good for health, simply means of excersise. And why in tracksuit, well thats self explanatory, how can you comfortably squat in anything else?
    I believe this explains the mistery…

  2. Squatting – or “hunkering” – is quite common among primitive societies where chairs are not so common. It’s a more-comfortable position than standing all the time. But if you look at their feet, you’ll notice that almost all of them have their feet flat, heels on the ground. I’ll bet if you attempt to squat you’re going to find yourself balancing on the balls of your feet, heels up off the ground. This is due to attempting to balance the weight distribution of somebody with a fat butt, a luxury afforded by not living in a primitive society. Primitive societies not only lack chairs, they lack the problem of having an overabundance of food. In addition to noticing the feet flat on the ground, you might also notice that every single one of these people looks like a crack addict, not an excess pound to be seen.

    As for the track suit – track suits come in three sizes and sell for about 3-for-a-dollar. Cheap and simple clothing when every discretionary dollar is used to buy crack. (Or “vodka”, which is simply the Russian word for crack.)

  3. it might help to be skinny, but squatting with your feet flat on the ground is not that hard at all. I’m carrying plenty of extra pounds too. If I get my arms out in front of my knees, it’s pretty easy. You’ll see a lot of them doing that in the photo. Your back is not really straight up and down either.

  4. I’m using the first one as my dating app picture.
    I figure it’s proof that she’s not after my looks.

  5. Since there is a Facebook site calles “Squatting slavs”, my guess is that most of these come from there and that at least some of them are ironic.

  6. I accredit it to the phenomenon of Owling! This was a fleeting fad a few years back – subsequent to Planking (no, not the ab workout). Basically, mimic an owl by squatting and bobbing your head. Obviously the Russians understand the phenomenon’s true elegance

  7. But in a lot of the shots they are squatting ON seats, so it’s not a lack of seating.

  8. Please note, all of them squat with full feet (heels touch the ground). It’s pretty difficult to do, try it yourselves! Actually it’s a yoga pose named Garland or Malasana. I don’t think they know they practice yoga, but it’s impressive anyways.

  9. One of upper comments was about primitive societies. Well, yes, that’s exactly the case!
    But it’s not about Russia as whole, but very specific part of Russia: prisons. Squatting for Russians is mimicking the criminal culture, like all the weird gestures of rappers for Americans.
    All or almost all of people in these pics, are petty criminals or wannabe criminals bc it considered cool to be a criminal. Although some photos are probably satire and actually are mocking this culture

  10. Well to be fair, people in most of the pictures are parodying not actually posing like this.
    Wearing athletic wear, particularly matching Adidas jackets and pants with flip flops used to be popular among low level criminals in low income residential areas in Russia, Belorussia and Ukraine. They were often seen squatting as the benches had been vandalized in the area, so there nothing to sit on.
    Typically, they’d be squatting, eating sunflower seeds and spitting out the skins waiting for a right pedestrian to be their victim. Once they saw someone suitable they’d rob the victim of its mobile phone and sometimes a wallet. They would usually be unarmed and threatened to beat up the victim if it refuses to give up its belongings.

  11. The two guys in blue shirts that are hanging out together look like a couple of jumping spiders facing off.

  12. The authentic track suit squat is gopnik, which is a Russian/Slav/Eastern European cultural phenomena. Working class young people get together in public spaces to drink and smoke and talk smack, as private residences are often filled with large families and relatives. Public seating areas are sparse in Eastern Europe and the ground is cold and/or wet, so gopnik’s spend hours squatting and socializing in public places. Hence the gopnik squat with vodka and a smoke.

  13. Quick! Send emergency Metamucil to these people since they appeared constipated on a grand scale!

  14. Hi

    Russian people are squatting, because it is a slavic style ( Search gopniks on google )
    Those gopniks listen to hardbass, squating and drinking kvass or vodka, true slavic style.

    Search term “Gopnik” on google for more information.

    Have a great time ^^

  15. Squats- A very good exercise for Slavs they good give health.
    If you want to know imposter Gopnik you look if feet goes heels they fake.
    Real Squatters don’t heel they go floor

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