56 thoughts on “Extremely Creepy Russian Playgrounds”

  1. Apparently these are supposed to be for “children” but not even Popee the performer would use this shit in they’re videos I mean now it’s 2020 why do people even do this #riprussia

  2. Seems fair that the Soviet era would use these even tho South Sudan,China,North Korea,Sudan,iraq,Venezuela and other dangerous countries would use these I mean they where made by *soviet russia* anyways this is from my old comment from yesterday and sorry I made a mistake I accidentally typed in 2020 instead of 2022 anyways #ripukraine and #riprussia. And have a good day

  3. @ georgenotfound, I understand exactly what you mean. To everyone else reading his comments and wanting interpretation: sorry, his views are incomprehensible to anyone save the completely insane.

  4. Those are characters from Russian kids shows, movies, and cartoons. If you’re not Russian, then you most likely won’t know about them but kids in Russia know about them that why there not scared.

  5. As a russian, i think the SAU staff are kinda racist. Not all russian playgrounds are that weird.

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