33 thoughts on “Traditional Russian Wedding Pictures”

  1. They’re all just trying to be funny…this is so stupid, it could’ve been called “sad and useless american wedding photos” I really see no difference. Why not just have a page of ridiculous wedding photos rather than target a country.

  2. Actually I think it is a proof, that the russians have a really lovely sense of humour.

  3. Why do all Russian guys look alike? The women in these pics are generally quite pretty, the men look well…ROUGH. Too much vodka?

  4. The chickens are the ironic installation of a romantic wedding tradition of throwing up pigeons, which symbolize love and freedom.

  5. Very weird and not anything that u would want as photos in your wedding album…all of them are crappy!!

  6. They’re just people having fun! The only questionable one is the watermelon, might be a wee bit too much!

  7. Most Russians have a good sense of humor, albeit different from “the West.” Pity about all of the propaganda against that country…it’s a fantastically interesting place.

  8. Vulgar society with no respect for weddings or marriage same with USA circus weddongd

  9. If you haven’t lived among the people there, you cannot understand. Their culture, thinking and way of life — its poles away from us in the east. The customs and symbolism are much different. I’ve not been to Russia, but I’ve been twice to Ukraine, once to visit and once to live to teach English at BTNAU. It’s the same there. Wedding ceremonies are similar to ours, but anything goes for the wedding photos. They often take photos at national monuments and leave flowers there. They don’t want to go off on honeymoon; they prefer to spend wedding night with their families. The girls who live in smaller cities or rural areas shop for wedding dresses at large open-air markets. I love the photo of the couple standing in front of the farm tractor. I’ve visited their farms. It’s a hard life, but these people are hard workers and proud of their farms. Until you live among eastern world peoples, you can not understand or appreciate their way of life.

  10. Thank to S Hudson for pointing out the obvious. The USA id the USA and our customs are ours. Let the Russians enjoy themselves any way they want. I was interested in the fact many of the pix showed one or the other of the couple showing a diminished pic of the other.


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