112 thoughts on “Meanwhile In Chernobyl: Instagram Influencers Flocking To The Site of The Disaster”

  1. @Martyna
    It is not ok as radiation will not be gone for thousands of years – basics of physics but let’s leave it aside.
    All these “influencers” will see how this affects their health really soon.

  2. They don’t respect any rule.Is forbiden to touch anything there during the trip and they are not equiped propertly.Those buildings could colapse in any moment and wild animals could atack them.Too many risks to be cool on instagram.

  3. Wow. I think this a example of Darwinism at its best. Weeding out the stupid people. Perhaps when the asshat that developed the Fyre Festival gets out of prison he should host his next bogus Instagram Influencer event here. #HumanityIsDoomed

  4. You can visit chernobyl for a few years now its nothing new and the dose of radiation you are exposed to when you are on a 5 day trip is equal to a transatlantic flight…

  5. the issue is not about their safety. I hope they all get sick. It’s about the lack of respect.

  6. It’s harmless as it was in first 10 days… they say :)
    It’s just a small explosion of the building.. no big deal

  7. I’m sorry it’s so disrespectful thousands of people died even kids and they’re out there praying around half naked like really not cool I hope they get arrested or get cancer from their stupidity

  8. Idiots. Hope it was worth it. Pretty sick. Who wants to take sexy pictures at an old concentration camp?

  9. Why are people wishing illness on these people? Honestly what’s disrespectful about it? It doesn’t make you a better person wishing ill will on another person.

  10. Who cares about these instagram folks? They should go find something reasonable to do instead of showing off their butts and abs on the interent. Dumb.

  11. I’d not be surprised if that stupid girl on the swing says she taste metal after some years. Your reverse countdown starts now.

  12. The same is with Auchwitz or monuments that are respect for people that died during WWII. Stupidity is everywhere, but as there are people who keep on liking and sending <3 (hearts) – the stupid people think that nothing happened. People died – who cares? The area is danger – ooo how exciting… etc. etc…

  13. It never ceases to amaze me how people become blind to the suffering and loss of others if a second of fame is involved.

    Some people would sell their souls to feel that they’re “a star” before they fade into nothingness as we all do in the end regardless.

  14. If it becomes a tourist paik for the rich and deadly bored it brings at least money .. if the government prevents that the money falls into the hands of some big investor company abroad who will not even pay taxes.
    Next stop. Auschwitz – tons of morbid pictures guaranted!`

  15. It might be disrespectful, but it’s not dangerous. One day in Tjernobyl equals about a 1-2 hour flight in radiation…

  16. The lack of decorum in these people is staggering. What’s next? Streaking at Auschwitz? So many things lost due to the disaster in Chernobyl- lives, hopes, dreams and futures. Can these people find nothing worthwhile to do other than to curry ‘likes’ and ‘followers’?

  17. After serie of video games like S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Pripyat was photografed from satellite and comercialized , because all town, look like apocaliptic place! But, i am sure that is still dangerous for health…… Pic is nice, but is that worth to be in danger with possible radioactive aftereffect

  18. Courage and stupidity, and this is all for the approval of instagram … I wonder how long will these people begin to complain of poor health? In general, someone warned them that in the exclusion zone it is better not to touch anything at all?

  19. There are regular comercial tourist travel packs going there. Its not so dangerous anymore. We all consume radioatn every day. Its natural. But in chernobyl its higher, so living there is dangerous.

  20. The reason of shame this is not still dangerous of radiation but the stupid smiled faces in a place of death. This is a memorial of human greatness and recklessness… please don’t do fan there

  21. My heart will dance once I read on their accounts that they suffer from nasty radiation induced cancer in a few years from now. Hopefully it will be a long, painfull and hellish demise. To all of them. Please nature, do something right. Just once.

  22. Disgusting and desperate people, it is sad to witness modern prostitution happening in a place where once greatness, science and intellect thrived, and then there were suffering, sadness and death.
    It is really bad that someone will think of Chernobyl as the place some stupid-ass bitch got her ass out, or some idiot to took pictures looking like fried chicken, considering the rich history of the place.
    Come on people, read a research, watch a documentary, appreciate someone who lost his life there by educating yourselves.
    And most importantly, UNFOLLOW them, they thrive on undeserved attention, these disrespectful cheap little shits.

  23. Like a previous anon said, “Darwin would be proud.”
    I think the best part of that is that these “influencers” probably don’t understand the reference without searching it first.

  24. Rumor is that nowadays brainless bitches can not stand still without falling over unless having their legs crossed. Some other brain dead bitch told them that it looks “sexy”.

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