Hilarious Cosplay Fails

Some people have talent and proper skills to create amazing costumes. Others, however… not so much. Listed below are those poor souls who tried as hard as they could, but still failed miserably.

Funny Wolverine cosplay fail.

Funny Star Wars cosplay fail.

Homer and Batman cosplay fails.

Funny Superman cosplay fail.

Hilarious cosplay fails.

Life of Pi cosplay fail.

Hilarious cosplay fails.

Funny cosplay fails.

TMNT cosplay fail.

Awkward cosplay fails.

Iron Man costume fail.

Hilarious cosplay fails.

Iron Man and Spider-Man costume fails.

Awkward cosplay fail.

Funny cosplay fails.

Sailor Moon cosplay fail.

Funny cosplay fails.

Funny cosplay fail.

Funny cosplay fails.

Star Wars cosplay fail.

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18 thoughts on “Hilarious Cosplay Fails”

  1. These are great! So much fun,I love people who have fun dressing up and make the effort. Homer especially made me laugh 😆

  2. Anyone who has the guts to walk out in public or post a photo online in any costume gets credit. You can’t make fun just because they don’t have as much money or skill or time as other people who are hard-core cosplayers. They’re having fun being themselves and that’s what makes people smile when they see them. People need to accept and be nicer to people because there’s no reason for being mean and rude.

  3. Male Catwoman looks adorable! I agree with the other commenters, these aren’t fails. And plus-size Wolverine got to meet Stan Lee.

  4. I’m glad you find it entertaining to make fun of people who at least made an effort to leave their moms basement. Unlike you.

  5. A lot of these are clearly cross-dressers trying to get attention. Not actually trying to be good at cosplay. You see the same at pride parades. Weirdos just trying to get attention.

  6. I see these as people trying their hardest to make a good costume to cosplay as. These are not fails but just awesome people who go to show their bravery in wearing these in public.

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