Awkward Metal Band Photos That Are So Bad, They’re Good

Metal music has a reputation for being tough and aggressive, a celebration of the darker side of life. Something happened in the 1980s however, with a baffling infusion of glam that spawned a big-haired, face-painted style. This bizarre mix of makeup and macho attitude left an unforgettable mark on the genre…

The manliest heavy metal band ever.


Manowar: the manliest band on Earth.

The weirdest heavy metal guy ever.

Really awkward metal band group photo.

Weird vintage metal band photo.

Hilariously awkward metal band photo.

Awkward metal band photo.

Weird metal band photos.

Hilariously dumb vintage metal band photo.

Awkward vintage metal band photo.

Weird vintage metal band photo.

Awkward metal band photo.

Awkward metal band group photo.

Is this the coolest metal band photo ever or what?

Awkward metal band photos.

Funny 1980s metal band group photo.

Is this the coolest band photo of all time or what?

The greatest heavy metal performer of all time.

Awkward metal band group photo.

Awkward 1980s metal band photo.

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  1. K February 6, 2019

    Now I imagine a designer going apeshit, trying to create something that’s so bad that the band’s refuse to wear it, but he never succeeds.

  2. Anonymous February 6, 2019

    Poor Stryper on there twice

  3. Anonymous February 6, 2019

    ahh.. the 80s! At least I don’t have to listen. I’m surprised we didn’t see a Twisted Sister photo.

  4. The Real Anon February 6, 2019

    And Manowar was there several times as well…

  5. A.Nonymous February 6, 2019

    If only I had shares in hairspray back then.

  6. Anonymous February 6, 2019

    How dare you include Judas Priest. Even if it fits perfectly…

  7. Anonymous February 7, 2019

    Pretty sure my band was up there…. 😱

  8. Anonymous February 7, 2019

    Not sure where the penchant for knickers was coming from…..

  9. Anonymous February 7, 2019

    You forgot apator

  10. Anonymous February 7, 2019

    Like half of these should be flagged for “female presenting nipples”.

  11. Anonymous February 10, 2019

    why do keep recycling this? are you out of topics?

  12. Yaz May 5, 2019

    OK but tbh… I’m on the 9th picture and it was a Halloween costume. I am crying out laughing right now. this is way too good to be true.

  13. Anonymous June 6, 2019

    A lot of these look like drag queens. Except drag queens do it much better.

  14. Anonymous November 2, 2019

    Douche chills

  15. Anonymous January 6, 2020

    awww you rlly had to do judas and stryper like that lmaooo

  16. i have an 80s metal obsession i need to chill January 6, 2020

    ok but some of these look totally badass not gonna lie, like stryper and Judas. the motley crue one is adorable I cant lie I luv them!!!!!!!

  17. Anonymous June 12, 2020


  18. Anonymous September 10, 2020

    What band is the fat black metal dude in?

  19. MadGoth September 27, 2020

    Some of these are pretty good in my opinion :^)

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