Artist Imagines What Trump Would Do If He Was Born In Russia

An exhibition named “Trum Pum Pum” was held in Russian city of Ulyanovsk. It consisted of latest paintings of Vyacheslav Zhdanov. He displayed paintings, portraying Trump, but with a twist. The artist wondered how a billionaire’s life would have turned out, if he was born in Russia.

If Trump was born in Russia...

Can you imagine Donald Trump dancing the kazachok topless in a Russian village? Or singing drunk songs after necking a bottle of vodka in a rye field? Well, if this all seems too far-fetched you need to have a look at Vyacheslav Zhdanov’s drawings.

Trump dancing with his Russian friends.

The Russian artist has portrayed the American president as a gulag prisoner, in a sauna, and as a depressive Russian husband made to take out the garbage, among other scenarios. Some online users have even pointed out apparent similarities between the depictions of Trump and Boris Yeltsin’s real life.

Trump after sauna.

“In my work I pay much attention to personal problems of men in modern life. The life of low-income citizens in Russian society with its social problems: alcoholism, poverty, difficult situations,” Zhdanov says.

If Donald Trump was born in Russia...

In his works the artist preserves the style of the Soviet comic Krokodil. “I am far from politics, but close to certain caricature traditions,” Zhdanov explains, saying his images have a soft irony.

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8 thoughts on “Artist Imagines What Trump Would Do If He Was Born In Russia”

  1. Fun fact: those black marks on the stairwell ceiling are from matchsticks. You spit on the chalky wall, rub the butt of your match to get some paste, light it, and throw it up so it sticks.

  2. I would have thought there would be at least one image where he’s crouching and dressed in Adidas clothing

  3. Truth is, he’d probably be a rich oligarch. And this “artist” would still be a talentless hack.

  4. No his daddy would have been shot for being an ******* so where would the great pumplin get his money to go bankrupt four time from yah redneck

  5. “Truth is, he’d probably be a rich oligarch. And this “artist” would still be a talentless hack.”

    Thanks for the laugh. Trump has had people taking care of him for his entire life. If you buy into that tough guy businessman persona then you’re a complete fool.

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