Here’s Something To Read While You’re Bored: 20 Amazing Little-Known Facts

There comes a time in every office worker’s life (usually once a day for 10 minutes) when the sit down while holding their phone and desperately look for something interesting to read. So we decided to come to the rescue and scooped together this list of amazing little-known facts.

If you die in Canada, you die in real life.

Dr. Dre IS NOT a real doctor.

The struggle is real.

It seems like USA just does not care.

Little know fact about Paris.

Aren't republicans amazing?

Kid Rock is not really a kid. He's an adult.

Little known fact about Gorillaz.

The history of raddish.

The real reason behind Bitcoin price drop.

Little known fact about Steve Jobs.

Christian Bale never knew bats were real animals; he mistakenly studied cricket bats to prepare for the iconic superhero role.

Even after Brexit UK will keep doing this.

The origin of memes.

It's true. That's how it really happened.

It's true. The math check out.

Little known fact about illegal drugs.

"Nickelback" in Spanish means "Literally the Lucifer himself".

Amazing fact about Latvia.

Hitler's last words.

22 thoughts on “Here’s Something To Read While You’re Bored: 20 Amazing Little-Known Facts”

  1. Hitler had a son,who just wanted to be left the “F” alone.The one time such a request was globally honored.

  2. Some liberal websites enjoy making fun of how dumb republicans are, while their politicians offer things like the Green New Deal with a straight face.

  3. 75% of mass shootings occur after a Republican gets his fee-fees hurt by some ridiculous meme. The other 25% after failing a vocabulary test.

  4. Most anonymous republithugs are either Rashun trolls or uneducated trailer trash. Regardless which, all of them can only have a meaningful relationship with their right hand or paid mail order brides. And those last usually for less than a few months…

  5. when you die in Canada…you….die in real life! but does this mean you cant die anywhere but Canada?

  6. Bruh people too far to the right politically aren’t trash, and do have the right to bear arms, I could also hate democrats, but I don’t because it is wrong and I’ll leave that to the people that stopped to read this :D

  7. 99% of Republicans…are not Democrats.
    Latvia is 1/18 of the countries that contain…the letter “v”.

    I like the radish one best.

  8. its meme time its meme time. Gather all your friends its meme time. Its meme time its meme time. The only cure for sadness.

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