People Share Funny Facts About Their Weird Families

Every family has their own special brand of weirdness, like an unique seasoning that makes them one-of-a-kind. It’s like a secret recipe passed down through the generations, full of oddities and quirks that make them who they are. It’s all part of the package deal of being a member of the family. Scroll down to see some of the funniest tweets of people describing their weird families, and don’t forget to tell us about your own in the comment section below!

We often tell people how my brother Phil doesn’t come to family events and how it’s a whole thing. We made Phil up in 1995. #ThatsMyFamily

When my son was a toddler, his best friend couldn’t pronounce ‘You’re welcome.” It came out “You’re rectum.” 40+ years later, our family still responds “You’re rectum” when someone says, “Thank you.” #ThatsMyFamily

When we sing Happy Birthday, we sing it as horribly as possible or just yell random things throughout the song. #ThatsMyFamily

My husband’s family had his baby teeth preserved in a hand-carved wooden beaver! #ThatsMyFamily

My boyfriend's dad compliments other drivers when they follow the rules, like "Beige Camry just put their turn signal on. Nice!" We call it his "Anti-Road Rage." #MyFamilyIsWeird

Every time my dad launches into a random historical story, we all pretend to smoke tobacco pipes until he finishes it. Then he gets all exacerbated at us for not taking his "pearls of wisdom" seriously #ThatsMyFamily

My family randomly starts clapping at nothing, then we all have to shake hands before we stop. Idk why. #thatsmyfamily

Anytime we give a birthday gift to ANYONE (kids, adults, no one is immune), we drop a can of the weirdest edible product we can find in the gift bag. Last lucky person got a can of Spotted Dick.

My brother thinks potatoes taste better cold, so he puts a plate of them in the freezer at the beginning of the meal and by the end, he has frozen potatoes for dessert. He calls them “Fro-Po’s”. #MyFamilyIsWeird

Whenever my dad sees a house around the neighborhood that he likes, he says, “I’ll take THAT on French Toast.” #ThatsMyFamily

#MyFamilyIsWeird My mom and 3 aunt's would do a synchronized swimming routine they made up every summer. The the kids had to get out of the pool and watch.

As kids, my dad would substitute the phrase “let’s hit the road” for “let’s be slapping the pavement” ahead of family road trips. Now everyone’s grown and still using the phrase. #ThatsMyFamily

I once had to revise the family rule, “No throwing a football at people while they are peeing” to “No throwing ANYTHING at people while they are peeing” because my three boys discovered a loophole. #ThatsMyFamily

My parents have rescued over 500 dogs in the past 20 years or so… every time one passes away, my mom buries it with a token so it can “remember” us… that token is usually something from the house… there’s a Nokia cel buried somewhere that I’m sure still works! #ThatsMyFamily

At Thanksgiving we play a game called “truths,” where the (now adult) children have to come clean to our parents about something we previously lied about.

While watching television with the entire family, my dad will mute the commercials but nobody will talk, everyone just sits there in silence until dad unmutes the show or finds something else to watch #ThatsMyFamily

We (brothers/sister) wrestle like teenagers. Anyone new to the family is in shock for a bit. The shock turns into cheering for the short one (me). We're in our thirties so we should really start thinking about strained muscles, broken bones etc #Thatsmyfamily

We predict which family member, or friend of the family, will die the following year. This tradition happens every Christmas Eve

Our family tradition is so much more than special.... my grandfather had a "belly button brush"! It is gifted from the previous years recipient to the new holder of the brush. It's considered an honor to receive it!!

Whenever my Dad would get into a bad mood, we’d say “Dad’s eyebrows are growing together”  #ThatsMyFamily

Weird family.

#ThatsMyFamily In the evening we were not allowed to use the home phone.  Dad always said "I have to keep the line open for calls."  Nobody ever called our home at night.

Whenever me or one of my four sisters brings home a boy, we like to turn off the lights, sit in a circle, and chant random things as he walks in the door. #ThatsMyFamily

My mom used to wake us up Thanksgiving morning by holding the raw turkey by the armpits, making gobble noises and chasing us into the kitchen. #MyFamilyIsWeird

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  1. My son smokes crack every day while banging Russian prostitutes and leverages my political power to extort cash from foreign governments.

  2. @Joe’s Son HOW DOES YOUR DAD KNOW!?
    @Joe Was it the cameras?

    I knew the cameras and microphone in your room were suspicious… guess it wasn’t for gaming after all! >:(

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