People Share Funny Cat Names That Crack Vets Up Every Time

We sometimes hear about unusual names people give to their (human) babies. But it turns out that cats too can have names that are quite extraordinary. Some of those names really brighten the vets’ day. According to this viral Twitter thread, at least. It hit very close to home to many cat owners out there who took the thread as an opportunity to share the funny cat names they have come up with. Scroll down to see the best examples!

One of my greatest joys in life is when Jeff calls the vet to make an appointment and they ask for his name, and he says, Jeff. Then, they ask for our cat's name, and I watch him gather his strength before he tells them, Baby Jeff.

my cats name is Lord Tubbington, and every vet and nurse giggles before saying his name. he’s 18 this year

I had a cat named Jeff and the vet tech was Hispanic and called him El Jefe. Jeff hated him less than all the others.

Our cat's full name is Thomas Houdini Pickles. The new girl at the vet called me Mrs. Pickles yesterday, and I died.

This is Daisy. When we got him we thought he was a girl. When the vet asked "Well, what are you going to change his name to?" I told him "I'm not, just put a "Mister" in front of it."

Montresor (Monty) and Spaghetti. Monty found Spaghetti living under our deck and they've been best friends ever since. She went missing for 75 days last year and he was distraught. Took a few days for him to believe it was really her when we found her.

A stray turned up in our garden one day - we named it Brian & took it in. We soon realised Brian was a girl but loved the name & she responded to it. When we had to take her to the vets, they sat us down & said ‘I have some news, Brian is a girl’. We acted as shocked as we could!

Ha! I do enjoy my hearing my husband making vet appointments for Captain Puff Puff. But what else could we call him?

Brigs was 4 weeks old when I got him. I took him to the vet for his first check up & the receptionist howled with laughter when she called for Brigadier & this tiny thing weighing less than a pound came up.

Meet Hamster

Miss Lucille Beansprout in the flesh, even have a “birth” certificate to prove it lol

He passed away in 2017 at the age of 16, but I still get teary eyed when I tell people about White Chocolate Mousse Mouse Mocha Munchkin Moon Pie. Mr Munch, as we called him, was just the sweetest ever…and now I’m crying

Agent Timber Whiskers reporting for duty.

This is Lady David, our daughter named her David when we thought it was a male cat - when we found out it was a girl, daughter refused to change the name, so we titled her. She is quite the Lady.

This is Darth Revan and our pharmacist recognized the name on the Rx and referred to him as “our little Sith Lord”

This is Elvis Presley. Whenever we go to the vet the staff at the front desk just writes “The King” on his paperwork and predictably says “Elvis has left the building” as we leave.

My cat's name is Chicken. I made her first appointment with the vet online, so when he walked in he thought I was the wrong client as he was expecting a chicken and not a cat.

This is stupendous. My parents had friends who had a succession of grey tabbies that they just kept naming Kitty. And they never bothered to update the vet file to differentiate them, so the vet must have thought they had like a 30-year-old vampire cat named Kitty.

I adopted a *very* curious kitten when my sons were all home from college for the summer. Despite my best efforts but for obvious reasons, my kiddos called him The Terrorist and it stuck. Try calling the vet and giving that name for an appointment.

My spouse and I had two cats (brothers) named God and Satan... that always made for interesting vet calls.

This is Tweety the Antique Cat. She’s 18, older than Twitter. I adopted her a few months ago because no 18 yo should linger in a shelter. I luff her.

This is OREO. His last name is Speedwagon. You’re welcome ;)

This is The Outlaw Josey Wales.  Vets always enjoy the name.

Growing up we had a cat named Her Royal Highness. We called her HRH. The vet insisted on listing her full title on the reminder cards. "This is a reminder that Her Roysl Highness is due for her shots this month."

18 thoughts on “People Share Funny Cat Names That Crack Vets Up Every Time”

  1. Our cat’s name is “Maschke”, which means “cat” in a number of Balkan languages. Most of the vet’s assistants mangle the name, but one pronounced it correctly. I complimented her on it. She said she was half Polish.

  2. My cat (found as a stray in 2018) is named Pigeon. Because he cooed like a pigeon instead of meowing.

  3. We named one of our cats Slug, we have had Slartibartfast and Zaphod, Mr Bag, HG short for House Guest except he never left…

  4. I’m not a one upper, but here are a few of my cats names: Reginald James McNasty, Clawsama Bin Scratchin, Turrable Tyranofelis TY TY, Chubby Wubby Kittykins, Grumplestiltskin, The Abominable Onomatapea, MOBIE (magnificent orange bastard of incalculable excellence), and last but not least…Intergalactic Champion of the Universe Princess Little Miss Stinky Pinky Fuzzy Butt. My vet said “not even going to pretend to write that one down” so her street name became Smoochie.
    My dog was to be named Baron Gustov von Gigglesworth…but he is a she so her name is Pennelope Jane Wisenheimer.

  5. We adopted our current little girl in December so we named her Jingle (my last name is …..Bell. Our Grandsons loved it so much the named their dogs Liberty and Lucille.

  6. Everyone at our vet’s office got a good laugh at our new kitty’s name — he’s a tank of a brown tabby who I started befriending in late February 2022, so we named him Zelenskitty. (He was a semi-feral stray living under our neighbor’s house & in our bushes, now an indoors-only cat. We weren’t sure what to call him until we saw on the security camera that he was friendly with other cats but fearless in chasing off raccoons that ventured onto our porch.)

  7. My sister had a cat named “Reefer.” She would get strange looks when she went to the pharmacy to pick up meds for “Reefer.” They’d tell her, “You don’t look at all like we expected.” My sister is quite normal looking, not a hippie type.

  8. I had a cat that looked a lot like Hamster on here and I called her Frankenpudd!! She had looked like she was made up of several cat colors like that cat in the photo but her eyes were the same color.

  9. Had a tuxie cat whom I named Mr. Meowgi. After the character of Pat Morita in “The Karate Kid”. He is a social butterfly known by everyone in my neighbourhood. He died in the same place I found him. The first time I cried for a dead pet.

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