Sh*t Planning: Hilariously Bad Architecture Fails

The Twitter account @PlanningShit calls itself a “celebration of all the shitty stuff imposed on our environment.” Regardless of how you feel about the need to have such account highlighting architecture fails, the account delivers exactly what it promises. Scroll down to see the worst examples!


If today was going ok, here you go!

On the Wonk!

Rest a while.

What would worry you more, the window alignment or living on that middle floor!


Cutting Corners!

Drilling from the inside …

No the other one!

Ave It! #AlmostSurgical

Always articulate the gable end!


‘What light through yonder … Oh!’ #MoreFrameThanGlass

People get paid for this shit!

Green Infrastructure! #ParkLife

Adjustments were made!

It’s important that you can still read the history of the building!

Scale Up!

I’ll just leave this here! Which appears to be what’s actually happened! Via lots of you #fattyresrequired

Oh the joy and beauty!

Rest and Reflect!


7 thoughts on “Sh*t Planning: Hilariously Bad Architecture Fails”

  1. Are the builder’s blindly following the plans or are they sticking it to the architect. I sure wouldn’t be parting with any money, had a good giggle

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