20 thoughts on “Terrible Maps That Are So Bad They’re Good”

  1. I don’t get “duck” — I assume I’m supposed to be seeing something in the shape of the continents, due to the unusual orientation, but I just couldn’t get there.

    Also, there’s one more that’s hilarious but Sad&Useless is too family friendly to re-publish it. If you know what “Hey, Mexico — you’re doing it wrong, man!” means, then you’ll agree.

  2. Oh, “duck” is a noun and not a verb! I kept trying to see something dangerous, falling toward me, when all I had to try to see was a duck.

  3. There’s one town in Bosnia on the Adriatic , Neum.
    Also Europeans know a fair amount about the geography or the USA. Probably a lot more than vice versa .

  4. I live in Alabama 💀

    That one with “ncest” and it’s mossing the first letter?


  5. Apparently our Canadian neighbors put month numbers first too. That’s why we love them

  6. omg, if the world i a cat, i’m living on it’s @ss. If you are in the americas, just some food for thought

  7. I get the one that was showing the people that were nice in France because there is a town in France called Nice its pronounced knee-ce

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