327 thoughts on “People Are Making Tiny Trump Photos To Annoy The President”

  1. I laughed so hard I nearly wet myself the one of Putin holding him by his underwear while he squirms I love that one

  2. Funny af! I loved them all but the one of him on the horse with Putin. Omg. Ha ha ha. It suits him. Worst. President. Ever.

  3. Republican snowflakes can’t laugh at these but I can’t stop laughing. They’re the only thing funny about Trump. Conman and a racist rapist.

  4. Did someone mention Hillary lost? LMFAO. The only person the Clinton foundation couldn’t kill , err I mean get to commit suicide. Lock Her up. Hillary lost, Hillary lost, Hillary lost. TRUMP #45. Hillary # ZERO.

  5. Do we need to replace our two party system, with the “Demapublican”, agreeably formed Single Party system ? ? ?

  6. Thé anti-christ. Maybe we should depict the so called Christians in the same manner… the ones who voted for him. Nasty people .

  7. You people u have to know that Trump has done so much GOOD for the country than that thing right before him EVER DID DO. All he could do is make apologies all over the world. We the USA is so much better then any other country. Ever. If u sorry peeps don’t think so. I think u should move to Venezuela an live ur great Socialist Lives there an leave the USA a lone we don’t need any of you.

  8. Some people wants to be ruled by the so called socialist scum so they can get skinny. When they are to fat here in the USA so please move ok. An get real skinny because you don’t have anything to eat. Because their corrupt govt is keeping all Monroe’s

  9. OMG ! I’ve just about flipped when I saw one of the best political ‘cartoon’ versions showing Oval Office with Putin & Trump, meaning that Vladimir does really hold strings on Donald no matter what one thinks. Lets keep on this good work and let the show go on and on folks!

  10. Considering all of the damages Trump has caused to the U.S., its people, and the U.S. Constitution — not to mention the very fact that Trump is trying to politicize the military against the American people by defiling the rule of law — these tiny Trump pictures are much too kind. How many Americans has Trump killed, thus far? Let’s not forget the bungling and continued bungling of the Covid-19 pandemic. Tests? Tests, anyone?

  11. So… country’s burning down, trains derailing and we’re on the verge of WWIII and Trump is still living in your head. A parting ‘orange man bad!’ to you poor souls

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