327 thoughts on “People Are Making Tiny Trump Photos To Annoy The President”

  1. And all the Republican’s or Conservative’s do is whinge and complain about how the Democrats “can’t handle it so they resort to this, which doesn’t help their case” like a bunch of wronged school girls!

  2. Listen to all the snowflakes complain about the dems…😆😆😆😆😆….dear god, when someone had an effigy of Obama hanging by his neck and set on fire,most of you thought that was funny…..

  3. Oh what fun the Dems are having….’big baby balloons’, memes of ‘little Trump’..is there no end to their hilarious high jinx and buffoonery. Oh hang on…I expect when Trump is announced as President for another term, we’ll see the old weeping, whining and blaming side of the Dems again.

  4. People are mad because the biggest “little” bully is being laughed at…but y’all had no problem while President Obama was mocked with Black dolls with nooses around the neck, or calling his wife racist names.
    Get over it. This wanna be dictator is getting what he deserves.

  5. That tiny man IS YOUR PRESIDENT. This is not dependent on your opinion of him, he still is the head of your country. Go ahead, have a cry.

  6. Anonymous..that MF is YOUR president..our president isnt treasonous..lying..bigoted piece of child molesting, law breaking ,devisive scat pile..but thats ok..we are sure you love it..enjoy him now..his ass is gone november 2020…

  7. To all of you christians and Trumpanzees out there in La La Land – would you want your daughter to date Uncle Donald? BTW – I’m not a Dem but the last thing I would ever want to be is one of you brain dead little sheep blindly following the rightwing noise machine because you cannot think for yourself.

  8. Why is it that the a’hole in the Oval Office can continue to act like a moron and hurl insults at anyone who is not in agreement with him, lie continuously and basically conduct himself in a way that you wouldn’t find acceptable from any other person in authority but his supporters find this offensive? The man is pathological and wholly unfit to be occupying the office.

  9. Oh those of limited humor bandwidth, quite hysterical. As others have said, the lack of self awareness is why so many Trumpers don’t do humor well.

  10. Perfect illustrations of Trump’s mental stature as well as his reputation as perceived by others world wide. He is such a small person in every way.

  11. Terry…you mad bro? You sound like youre pretending to not be mad but failing at it, much like Trump is failing at being president 😂

  12. Yes, he is a small man…. By the way, what does the Democrats have to do with this article? Trump’s supporters seem to be small people as well….

  13. He did say he was gonna run republican because theyre stupid… And look how birds of a feather flock

  14. Gee. These comments. The only reason these photos have been made is because they will upset Donald. Nobody would bother with any other president because they wouldn’t get upset by something so petty. Donald on the other hand…..

  15. I simply love these comments. It sure does show how that incompetent piece of white trash in the W. H. isn’t a favorite.🤮🤮

  16. This guy dishes out more crap, more lies, more bullying and name calling than any elected official ever, and when the going gets tough, you all cry like babies. Where was the outrage when you and your racist cronies were sending out the Obama as a money memes and emails. Grow a pair.

  17. I think it’s hilarious. Trump is a blithering idiot and has no business being in charge of a country, much less the US. The man is vial and utterly stupid.

  18. Look at all these republicans getting so offended. LAUGHING OUT LOUD at all you trump humpers. Literally, DONALD TRUMP says and does the most childish, hurtful, disrespectful, inhumane things to innocent people every single day. He is the epitome of a BULLY.

  19. 🤣🤣🤣…the funny thing is Trump is probably huffing and puffing.,.lol. He just can’t see it and not say a word.

  20. Great Trump even when they make mistake to make him Small all those great people still agree with the little Trump

  21. Trump is an idiot, I’m tired of his lies. I’m also tired of seeing him on Twitter and Television every damn day. I wish he’d give us a break on his personal appearances.

  22. Wish they’d put a tiny gold urinal , him hi peeing it it standing next to a normal size urinal.. tiny hands yuck

  23. Some of these are so funny!!!!! So believable!!!! I think the Chucky Cheese is my favorite!!!!!! LOL

  24. Lookit all these Republican snowflakes all butt hurt and pissy. I nearly laughed myself into a hernia looking at these pics..lmfao

  25. dumtrump is a culturally depraved hillbilly. a born liar, a rapist and the worst president the U.S. ever had. why didn’t you get rid of him in the first weeks of his presidency???

  26. 😂 LMAO! Pretty much “sizes” up the man and how much he knows about being the leader of our country!

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