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  1. Anonymous August 24, 2019

    Democrats are just pissed cause they suck and trump is in the White House. Funny pics but screw the Democrats hahahaha

  2. Scarecrow1985 August 24, 2019

    That USA leader man should have a cameo on Family Ties with Alex P. Keaton. That would be so funny.

  3. Anonymous August 24, 2019

    Get Real = Russian troll

  4. Anonymous August 25, 2019

    I cannot wait until he leaves this country, and go and live with his Bitch Putin. By the way, take ALL YOU LOW DOWN racist ignorant ass white people with you to Russia!!!!!!!

  5. Anonymous August 25, 2019

    Long tie/short brain

  6. whoever August 25, 2019

    Trump supporters talk like a bunch of hillbillies because they are a bunch of hillbillies

  7. I pity you August 25, 2019

    Look up Son of Destruction…in the Bible…it is him….He can’t stop lying…his soul was sold a long time ago…you all who he really is…if you can’t say it,… you have been “taken” too….

  8. Anonymous August 25, 2019

    This is funny

  9. Rand Scott August 26, 2019

    Hilarious, and the analogy to being an octopus or snake, so true.

  10. Anonymous August 26, 2019

    God what a turd that bloke is.

  11. Gold spoon Detless conservative. August 26, 2019

    This is great. Trump is the greatest president ever by far so the super lengthy tie suits him. He has my vote, and anyone he indources after he’s finished being president I’ll probably vote for too.

  12. Lich Ramb August 26, 2019

    Very funny and creative. Nice to be distracted for a second from the extremely long ties he has to big oil, the NRA, etc.

  13. Anonymous August 26, 2019

    He’s a disgusting ugly slobbering pig!

  14. Anonymous August 27, 2019

    He has been punked by Putin. Putin is chewing him like bubble gum, and will spit him out down the road. I predicted this, “GOD” help us, I love my country!

  15. Anonymous August 27, 2019

    The socialist/democrats in this thread too funny.
    1.They ignore the deficit left by Hussein.
    2. The “shovel ready jobs”, that were not shovel ready.
    3. GDP never reached higher than 2%, POST revision, since there is ALWAYS a revision to follow the initial report.
    4. Paris accord, that did NOT hold anyone but the U.S. financially responsible, while ignoring; China, Taipei, Thailand, Singapore and Saudi Arabia.
    5. “Keep your doctor, keep your plan” was a COMPLETE LIE.
    6. Benghazi was a purposeful hit on Americans, not a protest over a “propaganda video”.
    8. Ignore the rapist/sex offenders/Bill’s under age sex scandals and wealthy donors like Weinstein who are accused by dozens for bad acts, yet the socialists don’t “believer her” or “stand with her” on those allegations.
    9. President Donald Trump, donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to democrats and current socialist for years. Now, only now, when he is THE PRESIDENT, he is a: ist, ism, obic or something perceived as bad.
    10. The socialist/democrats are the actual racist. They attack PRESIDENT TRUMP’S skin color all the time. “Orange man” jokes for days, without realizing by their own standards that they are acting or speaking in a racist and bigoted manner.
    11. Hussein, definitely takes the cake as the “deporter in chief.” Yet, socialist ignore that fact, just to lay blame on PRESIDENT TRUMP for anything related to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. By the socialist standard, Hussein was the actual racist; who deported more people than anyone before him.
    11. Yes. Those countries are SHIT HOLES. That’s why people are desperate to leave them and come to America.
    12. Nukes and Hurricanes. Never said that. Simply made up by some dumb millennial and ran with by left wing publishers; mostly because their viewers and readers suffer from a form of mental retardation and do not question what they read.

    2020 is coming. Hispanics for TRUMP.

  16. Anonymous August 27, 2019


    Whatch all the socialist retards respond to that truthful thread about Hussein.

    The responses alone, will let you all know the level retardation they suffer from. More over, the fact that simply won’t admit to any of the truths pointed out about Hussein, is why DONALD TRUMP is THE PRESIDENT!

    Here we go.


  17. Anonymous August 28, 2019

    Laughter is the best medicine. Whoever created this, thank you!!!!!!!!!

  18. Anonymous August 29, 2019

    I think he needs a “neck tie party” Like in the olden days!!!

  19. anonymous August 30, 2019

    I’m pretty amazed at how difficult it is for Trump supporters to distinguish the difference between “your” and “you’re”.
    Lol, and what’s an “indources?”

  20. SGB September 6, 2019

    Loved the tie coming out of the zipper! He’s such a ****head. And a liar, rascist, and knows NOTHING of economics. The trade war only restricts trade and costs the consumer more (yes, I’m far more intelligent and educated than Hitler2). Obama = Hitler? Than Trump = Hitler. Same tactics. Too chicken to leave a name!

  21. SF Mike September 7, 2019

    The fact that you call people “retards” tells us all we need to know about you.

  22. Anonymous September 7, 2019

    Putting down Obama and Clinton WILL NEVER make Trump look better by comparison, but you try so hard because you simply cannot find positive things to say about him. Trump is simply not a good man…the constant lying, belittling, nastiness. America needs a true leader, not a conman. He’s ill-suited to the job. Hes an embarrassment. The world is laughing at us. Saddest part? Most of those who like him can’t spell, or even speak our own language well, just like their man Trump. The ignorance is simply astounding.

  23. Andros October 15, 2019

    Anomymous is salty, and loves to eat the turds from the mainstream media

  24. Anonymous October 24, 2019

    @45th is a nut

  25. Anonymous October 24, 2019

    I can’t wait any longer to see the back of his head

  26. Anonymous October 26, 2019

    for goodness sake! Do you think President Donald Trump cares about this! LMFAO! Love Trump! He is the best at trolling you dumb Libs. LOL!

  27. Gracie February 13, 2020

    Boo trump this is so funny a little bit boring but um ya im not a trump supporter TRUMP SUCKS an the people who support him you suck too haha

  28. Anonymous February 25, 2020

    Everyone in this comments section has the mental capacity of a dishwasher. Republican or Democrat, guess what, these are LITERALLY JUST FUNNY PHOTOSHOP PICTURES.

  29. George April 16, 2020

    Case study on Clinton Foundation- House Oversight Committee – Utube
    Enjoy this one

  30. Anonymous May 8, 2020

    Trump is nothing more than a bilious pile of maggot s***. Oh, BTW all of you sycophantic Trump morons, did you remember to ingest your daily dose of bleach????????

  31. notAnonymous July 1, 2020

    No matter how clever these are, they only make him look ridiculous, though nowhere near as ridiculous as his vapidly stupid maga supporters. They can’t help themselves. And no one else can, either.

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