112 thoughts on “Meet Rain Frog: The World’s Grumpiest Frog”

  1. Maybe they just have resting bitch face. Maybe they’re really cheerful and upbeat inside. Lookism is such a limiting attitude. :)

  2. frosch
    hey dear 😏 Lets fun 🔥 just follow me ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  3. The person that said Addie the frog I think might be wrong. I think it’s Addie the toad.
    It just has a bad Addy toad

  4. I’m not sure what you all think but to me this is irrefutable proof Star Wars was a real story, Jabba the Hutt did exist, and was somehow able to mate with a female of some species that was actually dumber than any woman I’ve ever slept with..

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