112 thoughts on “Meet Rain Frog: The World’s Grumpiest Frog”

  1. I’m not sure that the name fits, they look more like they are sad pouty frogs instead of grumpy. They will be seen soon in Tennessee with ask this rain.

  2. Love that frog. I thinks heโ€™s cute even with the grumpy face. Love the round body and short legs cute cute cute โค๏ธ

  3. This particular frog is stuck with what God gave him It’s whats behind the looks that counts.

  4. @Jackie that’s not funny. In fact, they rather look cute than “silently judging our poor life decisions.”

  5. Yes my children, fool them into thinking your diabolical plans and anger bottling up are just a part of your face.. We will take over some day!

  6. why did that one comment say “they creep me out” so mean and also they don’t look grumpy

  7. it’s so rude to say “they creep me out” bruh they are just frogs and when someone i liked my comment so much that i needed to like it

  8. excuse me they look cute and like they are real and not fake you silly goose! and i know what you think i’m the goose well okay i just help it’s just a joke like mine

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