Scumbag Booze Advice

When it comes to asking for advice on life choices, booze is not the best option… However we’ve all made this mistake at one point or another.

Scumbag booze advice.


Dude, trust me...

Booze advice.

Trust me!

Just keep talking!

Trust me, dude.

Excellent advice.

Say it WAY louder!

Scumbag booze advice.

Booze advice.



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  1. Lush November 13, 2019

    Malort – These pants aren’t going to shit themselves

  2. BigB November 14, 2019

    Nothing about Tequila encouraging you to start a fight?

    I’ve heard people talk about that many times, but it’s never made me feel aggressive.

  3. Gort - Blinds Up November 15, 2019

    Wild Turkey – You can jump that motorcycle you’ve never rode before over that slow moving semi-truck.

  4. Anonymous November 21, 2019

    Jaeger – Any bar can be a karaoke bar if you yell loud enough.

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