18 thoughts on “Some Cats Like To Poop Standing Up”

  1. Don’t want to get their tail dirty…but not as weird as people who actually photograph their cat taking a poop.

  2. More concerned about the radiator next to the kitty litter, keeping the poo warm. Eww.

  3. Oh thanks for posting this. Helps me understand my new kitten and why she’s standing up to poop!! I was super concerned because her tail has a bend and I was hoping no other injuries. She came from a home with a disabled adult child and not sure how her tail got bent. I’ll be taking them both to the vet to get checked out and vaccinated. But I just noticed it. And wow those are neat litter boxes with the covers to filter the poop! I need to get me some of those because I have 4 cats total now. It seems completely normal to me now. Just never saw it before.

  4. My cat also poops with two front paws on the cat box which I call standing up. I’m not really concerned? Or should I be? She’s been doing that for a year now, she’s 5

  5. My cat does the same thing. I had purchased the litter robot when he was still small. He used it with no problem till he got bigger then hesuddenly stopped and would only use the upstairs litter box. That’s when I noticed he stood up to go to the bathroom. I guess he didn’t have space to stand up anymore in the automatic one. Damn shame because that thing was awesome and unfortunately I spent quite a lot of money on it and he only used for about 6 to 8 months.

  6. Defecating while standing upright is a sign of anal and rectal disease. It’s especially concerning if the cat appears to be in pain and/or has been licking their anus excessively.

  7. Most of these litter boxes are way too small firstly. Cats also don’t like being confined so liter boxes with tops cause problems. Squatting can cause them to get poop or pee on themselves. It’s easier to balance standing up and easier to stay clean. Kinda like all the ladies when we use a public toilet. You hover.

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