13 thoughts on “Meet Quokka: The Happiest Animal On Earth”

  1. It’s one of the few creatures down here that doesn’t. Pretty much everything else? Yeah. :)

  2. On my next trip to WA I’m going to feed one some strawberries so I get a counter photo of one that looks vicious

  3. Where can I get some of the pills those quokkas take every morning? Dang, they seem excited to be alive!

  4. Lacking in the parenting skills though: “When a female quokka with a joey in her pouch is pursued by a predator, she may drop her baby onto the ground; the joey produces noises, which may serve to attract the predator’s attention, while the mother escapes.”

  5. Was there 40years ago. If I could afford the trip, I’d go back to see the quakkas again. They were the best. If you are ever in WA you have to go to Rottnest island. No cars pristine sand dunes and gorgeous diving. Chris Chianelli

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